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To prove her love, Indian girl infuses self with boyfriend's HIV-infected blood.

Ever heard of weird ways through which people prove their love for their partners? A 15-year-old girl from Assam, India infuses herself with HIV-infected blood of her boyfriend with the help of a syringe, just to show how much she loves him.

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By Ayush Jain

12th Aug '22

According to reports, an HIV-positive young person from Satdola in Hajo , India fell in love with a 15-year-old Assamese girl from Sualkuchi through Facebook. They were inseparable after three years because of the strength of their relationship and affection. They made several attempts to run away, but each time the girl's parents brought her back.


But this time the girl crossed every limit. She took her boyfriend's blood, drew it with a syringe and then injected herself. The girl's actions caused a sensation that captured the attention of everyone in their town. 


No one could have ever predicted what she would do, but when you're young and in love with an infected person, it seems like such common sense things to do - even if it may end up harming both parties involved. People are surprised to learn of the incident, which has caused a sensation over the entire area.


Even more concerning is the fact that this is not a unique incident. HIV diagnoses have dramatically increased in India in recent years.


 According to the HIV Estimation 2021 report from the Indian government, there are about 2.4 million People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in India. Of the anticipated total number of PLHIV, around 45 percent (10.83 lakh) are women and 2 percent, or roughly 51,000, are kids under the age of 12. Around 69% of all HIV/AIDS-positive people in South Asia fall into this category.




Given that India is home to more than 1.4 billion people, this is an extremely serious issue. This disease might have a catastrophic effect on the people of the nation as a whole if left unchecked. It is therefore crucial that we take steps to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and provide proper medical care to those who are affected by it. 


Dr. B.S. Shetty from ClinicSpots, Mumbai, stressed the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for those suffering from HIV/AIDS. "The earlier you diagnose it, the more chances you have at living a longer life," he said. "It's also necessary for people to get tested for AIDs so as to save themselves as well as their loved ones from the same while using precautions like PrEP treatment, condoms etc." 


So if you think you may be at risk, please get tested immediately. The sooner you know your status, the sooner you can start receiving treatment and protecting yourself from this deadly virus.


According to the most recent reports, the HIV case in Assam has gotten worse. It is now reported that the 15-year-old girl who allegedly pumped blood from her boyfriend's body into her own is in a critical condition. 


Not only is this heartbreaking love tale ending in heartache, also, the girl's parents have lodged a complaint against the HIV-infected boy in the local police station and the police have caught hold of him.

This tragic episode emphasizes the value of spreading knowledge about HIV and AIDS. Even though this fatal virus is one of the most widely discussed worldwide health issues, many people are still uninformed of how it is spread or what safety measures must be followed.


Sexually active people have been encouraged by doctors to undergo routine HIV testing. They also suggest staying away from several sexual partners and utilising condoms throughout sexual activity. These straightforward steps can help stop the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), save lives, and protect the public.


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The "flat line" effect, that you brought up, is also a commonly displayed problem where former porn addicts may experience a drop in their sex drive and arousal. But for now, the findings are not substantial, more studies are required to distinguish porn effect on sexual function from its own.

With regard to facilitation, many people have found it immensely helpful to consult a professional mental health care provider, such as a therapist or a counselor, and avail their expert help in dealing with this problem and addressing any underlying psychological factors. A sex therapist may possess skills in counseling individuals with sexual dysfunction or enhancing sexual functions.

Your well-being is of top concern and seeking the help of a mental and sexual health specialist can provide you with the needed information when making a decision about your next step. In this connection, I suggest you talk to a psychologist or sex therapist, whose main professional concern is the issues you are experiencing, for more help and support.

Best regards,
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Dr. Madhu Sudan

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