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How Much Does an Endoscopy Cost in India?

Lowest Cost (approx) $24

Average Cost (approx) $76

Highest Cost (approx) $137

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    An endoscopy is a procedure that allows a doctor to look inside the patient’s digestive system. The process involves inserting a camera through the patient’s mouth and into their stomach. This inspection allows doctors to detect and diagnose various conditions such as ulcers, tumors, or other internal abnormalities. If you want to undergo Endoscopies in India, read on to learn more about the cost of endoscopy in India and its various factors.

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    Cost in Top Cities

    Cities Min Avg Max
    Delhi $26 $83 $149
    Ahmedabad $22 $69 $125
    Bangalore $26 $81 $147
    Mumbai $27 $86 $155
    Pune $25 $78 $141
    Chennai $24 $74 $134
    Hyderabad $23 $72 $130
    Kolkata $21 $66 $119

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    What is the Endoscopy cost in India?

    The Endoscopy test price in India can range from INR 1,911 ($24) INR to INR 10,909 ($137). The cost of Endoscopy depends on various multiple factors, which are not the same in every Indian city ( Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata ). 

    Factors That Affect the Endoscopy test cost in India

    • The type of endoscopy - The Endoscopy test you need for your body.
    • The experience of the doctor - Well-experienced doctors with excellent credentials can conduct the procedure quicker and more efficiently. 
    • The medical facility used - A well-established medical facility with all the necessary resources can complete the procedure at a lower cost than a non-established facility. 
    • The health of the patient - The patient's health also affects the endoscopy test charges. A patient with a minor condition might require a less large procedure and cost, whereas a patient with a major condition might need a more extensive procedure and cost of endoscopy.
    • Medical tourism: The cost of Endoscopy can vary depending on the medical tourism discount.

    What is included in the cost of endoscopy in India

    The cost of endoscopy in India varies based on the type of endoscopy, the medical facility, the city, and the specific healthcare provider. Generally, the cost of an endoscopy procedure may include:

    Procedure Fee: This covers the cost of performing the endoscopy itself, including the use of medical equipment and the expertise of the medical team.

    Anesthesia: If the endoscopy requires sedation or anesthesia, the cost of the medication and administration might be included.

    Doctor's Consultation: The fees for the doctor's consultation, examination, and interpretation of the results may be included.

    Medical Supplies: Any disposable medical supplies used during the procedure, such as gloves, sterile drapes, and cleaning agents, might be part of the cost.

    Facility Charges: This includes the use of the medical facility, equipment, and staff during the procedure.

    Pre- and Post-Procedure Care: This might involve initial assessments, preparation for the procedure, and post-procedure monitoring.

    Pathology or Biopsy: If samples are taken during the endoscopy for pathology or biopsy, there could be additional charges for analyzing these samples.

    Medications: If any medications are administered or prescribed before or after the procedure, their cost might be included.

    Reports: The cost of generating and providing you with a copy of the endoscopy report and findings.

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    Other Details

    Types of Endoscopies available in India:

    • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy: Test to examine the lining of the esophagus, stomach, and first part of the small intestine.
    • Enteroscopy: Procedure to examine the small intestine.  
    • Colonoscopy: Exam looks for changes such as swollen, irritated tissues, polyps, or cancer in the large intestine (colon) and rectum.
    • Sigmoidoscopy: An exam evaluates the large intestine's lower part. 
    • Rectoscopy: Procedure to examine the bile duct and rectum.
    • Anoscopy: Procedure to examine the anus of the patient. 
    • Rhinoscopy: Procedure used to examine the respiratory tract, i.e., Nose.
    • Bronchoscopy: Procedure used to examine the lower respiratory tract.
    • Otoscopy: Used to examine the condition of the ear canal and eardrum.
    • Cystoscopy: Used to examine the lining of your bladder and the tube that carries urine out of your body.
    • Colposcopy: Used to examine the cervical of your body.
    • Hysteroscopy: Procedure used to examine the inside of the uterus.
    • Falloposcopy: Procedure used to examine the fallopian tubes.
    • Laparoscopy: A minorl incision procedure to evaluate your abdominal or pelvic cavity.
    • Arthroscopy: Procedure to examine the interior of a joint.
    • Thoracoscopy and Mediastinoscopy: Type of endoscopy used to examine the organs of the chest.

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