Dr. Javahir Pachore

Dr. Javahir Pachore

31 years of experience

MS - Orthopaedics || MBBS

Dr. Javahir Pachore is a renowned Orthopedist in Ahmedabad. He has 31 years of experience in medical field. He has completed his MS - Orthopaedics from Jagadguru Jayadeva Murugarajendra Medical College (JJMMC) in 1986 and MBBS from Jagadguru Jayadeva Murugarajendra Medical College (JJMMC) in 1982. He currently practices at Shalby Hospitals in Satellite(Ahmedabad).

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Dr. Javahir Pachore is registered as a Medical Practitioner at Gujarat Medical Council since 1989. Registration Number - G-39871

Shalby Hospitals

Satellite, Ahmedabad

S.G. HighWay, Ramdev Nagar,


3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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₹ 900

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Spinal Therapy
Spinal Therapy Is A Form Of Non-Invasive Treatment Which Means There Is No Break In The Skin And No Contact With Mucosa Is Used To Treat Via Powerful Traction Effect Any Disorder Of The Spinal Column.

Joint Mobilization
Joint mobilization is a manual therapy intervention, a type of passive movement of a skeletal joint.

Hip Resurfacing
Hip resurfacing is a type of surgery to replace a damaged hip joint. In the hip joint, the rounded head of the thighbone (the femoral head) moves smoothly inside the round socket of the hip bone. When there is damage to this joint, moving the femoral head may cause pain as the bones scrape together abnormally.


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  • Jagadguru Jayadeva Murugarajendra Medical College (JJMMC)

    MS - Orthopaedics


  • Jagadguru Jayadeva Murugarajendra Medical College (JJMMC)