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Dr. (Maj) Pankaj N Surange

26 years of experience

Certificate of Fellowship || Fellowship in Interventional Pain Practice(FIPP) || MD - Anaesthesiology || MBBS

Dr. (Maj) Pankaj N Surange is one of the most esteemed Spine And Pain Specialist, Pain Management Specialist and Spine Surgeon in Delhi.He holds an experience of 26 years in medical field. He has been been honored with Hony Secretary, Indian Society of study of Pain - 2018 award, Awareness Ambassador - 2015 award, Member, Minimaly Invasive Spine Surgery - 2014 award, Certificate Of Honour- Doctors forum - 2013 award, ICIPM 2012, AIIMS, New Delhi - 2012 award, International Member- International Spine Intervention Society - 2012 award, Nomination Award, Best Pain Physician Of The Year 2011 - 2012 award, Chairman, World Institute Of Pain - 2010 award, Fellow Interventional Pain Practice-WIP and USA - 2009 award. He has completed his Certificate of Fellowship from Nanoori Hospital in 2017, Fellowship in Interventional Pain Practice(FIPP) from Summerveils University, Hungary in 2009, MD - Anaesthesiology from Army Base Hospital, New Delhi. in 2007, MBBS from G R MEDICAL COLLEGE and GWALIOR in 1997. He carries his medicinal practice at Interventional Pain And Spine Centre in Dwarka(Delhi). He is a respected member of International Spine Intervention Societ, World Institute of Pain (WIP), Indian Society Of Study Of Pain and Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA).

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Dr. (Maj) Pankaj N Surange is registered as a Medical Practitioner at Delhi Medical Council since 1997. Registration Number - 16567

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Dwarka, Delhi

Plot Number 147, Sector 7 Market, Main Road, Near SBI Bank


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Services (20)

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Arthritis Management
Using Treatment Methods Other Than Pills To Reduce Minor Pain Due To Arthritis. This Mostly Includes Natural Remedies Like Losing Weight, Meditation, Massage, Herbal Supplements, Etc.

Back Pain Physiotherapy
This Therapy Involves Using A Hands-On Technique To Relieve Stiffness And Pain In The Back To Improve Joint And Muscle Movement Of The Spine.

Slip Disc
The protrusion of the inner disc of the spinal column which may be caused due to weakness or injury.

Sciatica Pain Treatment
Sciatica treatment usually consists of nonsurgical methods that can be applied as needed, such as heat therapy, cold treatment, and pain medications.

Percutaneous Vertebroplasty For Compression Fracture
Percutaneous vertebroplasty is a technique in which medical grade bone-cement is injected though a needle into a painful fractured vertebral body.

Osteoporosis Treatment
Osteoporosis Treatment Focuses On Slowing Down Or Stopping The Mineral Loss, Increasing Bone Density, Preventing Bone Fractures, And Controlling The Pain Associated With The Disease

Neck Pain Treatment
Neck Pain Treatment Is Done To Reduce The Persistent Neck Pain Which May Be Caused Due To Poor Posture, Accident, Injury, Etc.

Knee Pain Treatment
Knee Pain Can Be Caused By Both Short-Term And Long-Term Problems. Knee Pain Treatment Will Vary, Depending Upon The Cause Of The Knee Pain.

Spinal Disc Surgery
It Is A Surgery To Remove The Disc Known As A Herniated Disc In The Lower Spine.

Spine Surgery
It Is A Procedure That Joins Two Or More Vertebrae.

Interventional Pain Management
Interventional Pain Management Or Interventional Pain Medicine Is A Medical Subspecialty Which Treats Pain With Invasive Interventions Such As Facet Joint Injections, Nerve Blocks, Neuroaugmentation, Vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty, Nucleoplasty, Endoscopic Discectomy And Implantable Drug Delivery Systems.

Hip Pain Treatment
Hip Pain Relief. If your hip pain is caused by a muscle or tendon strain, osteoarthritis, or tendinitis, you can usually relieve it with over-the-counter pain medication such as acetaminophen or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen or naproxen.

Chronic Pain Treatment
Chronic pain may feel sharp or dull, causing a burning or aching sensation in the affected areas for at least 12 weeks and can be treated in both oral and topical ways.

Chemonucleolysis Is The Treatment Of Intervertebral Disc Lesions By Injection Of The Enzyme

Joint Pain Treatment

Field of Expertise (3)

Spine And Pain Specialist

Pain Management Specialist

Spine Surgeon

Academic Qualifications (4)

  • Certificate of Fellowship

    Nanoori Hospital


  • Fellowship in Interventional Pain Practice(FIPP)

    Summerveils University, Hungary


  • MD - Anaesthesiology

    Army Base Hospital, New Delhi.


  • MBBS



Experience (4)

  • International Member

    Spine Intervention Society

    2014 - 2016

  • Chairman

    World Institute of Pain India Section

    2013 - 2016

  • Associate Editor

    Indian Journal of Pain

    2012 - 2016

  • Director

    Interventional Pain and Spine Centre

    2006 - 2016

Accomplishments (9)

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  • Hony Secretary, Indian Society of study of Pain


  • Awareness Ambassador


  • Member, Minimaly Invasive Spine Surgery


  • Certificate Of Honour- Doctors forum


Memberships (4)

  • International Spine Intervention Societ
  • World Institute of Pain (WIP)
  • Indian Society Of Study Of Pain
  • Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA)