Ekol Hospital, Izmir

Ekol Hospital, Izmir


Atasehir, 8019/16. Sk., 35630 Cigli, Izmir, Turkey

Hospital building




- Associations, Certification, and Accreditation

  • Ekol Hospital is accredited by international independent bodies.
  •  It holds ISO 9001, FQC and ISO 27001 quality certifications.

- Technological Advancements

  • It has up-to-date diagnosis machine. 

- Achievements

  • EKOL Hospital has a satisfaction rate of 99% in all branches according to the surveys and is the biggest Health Tourism Provider in its region and one of the top ten providers in Turkey.

- Departments & Sub-departments

  • It has departments such as Ent, General Surgery, Obesity, Eye Clinic, Child Health and Disease, Hair Transplant, Brain and Nerve Surgery, Internal Medicine, Chest Disease, Cardiology, etc.

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