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Apex Superspeciality Hospital

Apex Superspeciality Hospital

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How long does a root canal last without a crown?

Male | 37

a root canal done tooth is brittle and can break easily when hard food is chewed .

so root canal will last as long as it doesnot break with pressure of hard food 

by capping the tooth it will not break inspite of having hard food ( depends on quality of cap) 

for more information contact Burute Dental , Pune

Answered on 5th Aug'22

Dr. Mrunal Burute

Dr. Mrunal Burute

Why do i need dental x ray?

Male | 38

to know the extent & spread of the carious portion within the tooth & the spread in the bone as well 

Answered on 13th Aug'22

Dr. Parth Shah

Dr. Parth Shah

I am suffering from advanced periodontal disease. The disease has spread from gum to bone as per my reports. Is surgery the only option for me? I have diabetes diabetes and periodontal disease, so am I eligible for the surgery?

Male | 41

If it is controlled diabetes you can undergo surgical treatment , else you will have to wait n get it under control . If it is very advanced you may have to have surgery which will help you to retain your natural teeth

Answered on 22th Apr'22

Dr. Preksha Jain

Dr. Preksha Jain

What are the treatments available for chronic apical periodontitis?

Female | 46

Root canal treatment and Apicectomy if the infection persist after root canal treatment.

Answered on 25th Apr'22

Dr. Khushboo Mishra

Dr. Khushboo Mishra

Can wisdom teeth cause throat pain?

Male | 40


wisdom tooth can exert pressure on area arround it 

Eg - lower law area , throat area , ear area , tongue area ,  tooth in front of the wisdom tooth 

for more information contact Burute Dental , Pune

Answered on 5th Aug'22

Dr. Mrunal Burute

Dr. Mrunal Burute

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