Best Dermatologyy Hospitals in Ankara

Your skin acts as an added layer of protection against various external agents like germs and bacteria, and the field of dermatology is concerned with treating every disorder related to the skin, hair, or nails. 

Turkey is majorly known for treating skin-related problems. This can be directly attributed to highly trained specialists trained in using advanced techniques.

To ease your hassle of finding an appropriate hospital, we have listed some of the renowned hospitals that employ cutting-edge technologies to treat dermatological issues.

Güven Hospital

Güven Hospital

Ankara, Turkey

  • Highlights
  • 254 Beds
  • All types of skin cancers are treated, and precursor lesions are also cured.
  • They use computerized dermatoscopy to diagnose Melanoma at the initial stages to reduce the risk.
  • Effective use of laser therapy to treat telengiectasia.
  • Highlights
  • 1400 Beds
  • Highly skilled professionals perform their tasks skillfully by using modern technologic methods.
  • The dermatology units in the hospital match the international standards.
  • Phototherapy, digital dermatoscopy, botox treatment, small surgical interventions, cryotherapy, and electrocauterization are some of the dermatological treatments provided by the hospital.
Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University

Ankara, Turkey

  • The department of Dermatology always works on improving and innovating the diagnosis and therapeutic techniques and provides their patients with a good environment.
  • The hospital is equipped with the latest technologies for the following units - phototherapy; laser; dermatologic ultrasound; cosmetology.
  • It has two outpatient clinic rooms and a surgically invasive procedure room.
Tobb Etü Hastanesi

Tobb Etü Hastanesi

Ankara, Turkey

  • TOBB Etu Hospital, Founded in 2010, has been continuously providing extraordinary service in dermatology.
  • It has experienced doctors treating various skin-related disorders providing best-in-class treatment to its patients.
  • The hospital is aided with the latest technology and works efficiently under the control of a centralized computer system.
  • The hospital includes doctors with high clinical knowledge in curing skin diseases.
  • Along with highly professional doctors, the hospital has integrated the latest technology to cure various skin diseases.
  • The special services of the hospital include dermatoscopy, punch biopsy, woods lamp, hair analysis, patch test, dermabrasion, phototherapy, infusion pump, iontophoresis, etc.
  • The hospital staff is humble and works with the aim of providing top-class customer service
  • The dermatology department is one of the specialized departments and always strives to provide the best treatment to its patients.
  • This is one of the renowned hospitals for treating and diagnosing dermatological problems at a very cost-effective range.
  • They have leveraged latest technologies for treating rashes, pimples, dry skin and scars.
  • They use sunlight, wood light magnifying glass, dermatoscopy, and microscopic examinations for effective diagnosis of the disease.
  • Some of the latest treatments used for patients - Cauterization with radiofrequency; laser epilation & chemical peeling; tea application.
  • Polyclinic services are available in the day time.
  • There are always three internal and surgical physicians you can reach through call at any time.
  • Patients are treated with utmost care and are given immediate attention whenever required.
  • Dermatology is one of the fields where the hospital is well known for providing inspection services.
  • Mainly known for diagnoses of oily skin, dandruff, and nail diseases.
  • Incorporates the latest technologies in diagnosis and treatment procedures
  • A highly reputed dermatology hospitals In Ankara.
  • It provides best-in-class treatments for various skin diseases and fungal infections.
  • Treats Vitiligo sunspots, moles, and warts using the following procedures - Prick & patch test; punch biopsy; electrocautery

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Dermatology as a field deals in various disciplines. Mentioned below are the various branches of this field:

  • Cosmetic dermatology- It focuses on enhancing the facial/body features for aesthetic purposes rather than treating a disorder. The procedures in this enhances the appearance by reducing wrinkles, signs of ageing, fine lines, scars, moles, lesions and skin pigmentation.
  • Dermapathology- Is concerned with microscopic evaluation and illustration of biopsied skin to identify various inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, lichen planus etc.
  • Trichology- A field majorly concerned with the health of hair, hair loss and scalp issues.
  • Immunodermatology- since skin is the primary guard that comes in contact with various pathogens, and protects us against disease causing agents, thus this branch looks into the functioning of the immune system in our skin and how it protect us on daily basis.
  • Mohs surgery- This is a detailed surgery that is performed to treat skin cancer. The cancerous skin cells are eliminated through a set of meticulous procedures.
  • Pediatric dermatology- A field that integrates experts from the departments of pediatrics and dermatology to treat dermatological issues in children. Issues that are dealt with in this field are: Inherited disorders, acne, eczema, hair loss, moles, psoriasis and infections of skin.

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I want to do PRP treatment. How much cost it is.

Male | 30

PRP treatment is 2500 cost
For GFC cost is 5000 
per sitting 

Answered on 24th June'22

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Is laser suitable for us for removing hair

Female | 34

Yes, laser hair removal is a safest way to get rid of unwanted hair on any body part. but results totally depends upon the machine and technology that we used for these treatment. we at Dadu Medical Centre use the triple wavelength machine which works on every type of hair growth in one single shot. Which reduces the requirements of number of sessions as well as the time consumption in a session .

Answered on 15th July'22

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