Best Dermatologyy Hospitals in Antalya

 Dermatology is concerned with treating every disease related to the skin, hair, or nails and our skin acts as a barrier of protection against various external infections.

Turkey is the best option for medical tourists seeking treatment for skin diseases or aesthetic purposes at affordable rates in world-class facilities with the assistance of experienced surgeons.

Antalya can test and treat various diseases with the latest technologies and robust solutions. Listed below are the Best Dermatology Hospitals in Antalya.

  • Highlights
  • 1 Doctor
  • They provide emergency medical service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and their services comply with international standards.
  • They are in charge of their patient's living needs.
  • They've used cutting-edge technology to treat and cure a wide range of skin, hair, nail, wound, and skin changes in the mouth and private area, allergic disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, and cosmetic issues.


  • They have a team of around 80 employees in Anatolia International, who come from various countries and speak different languages, and are spread across our 7 hospitals.
  • They are equipped with the latest technologies like - phototherapy, laser; dermatologic ultrasound; cosmetology.
  • They have specialists who use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to treat their patients.


Medstar Hospital Group

Medstar Hospital Group

Antalya, Turkey

  • They are mainly known for providing the utmost care to patients and never misbehaving with them.
  • The hospital has doctors performing excellent plastic and cosmetic surgeries among various specialties like Dermatology.
  • Continuous innovation leads to an improvised process of surgeries.


  • Polyclinic services are available in the daytime.
  • You can always reach three internal and surgical physicians through call at any time.
  • Patients are treated with utmost care and are given immediate attention whenever required.


Talya Medical Center

Talya Medical Center

Antalya, Turkey

  • They are well known for cosmetics, medical procedures, and dermatology-related diseases.
  • The hospital staffs and doctors take responsibility for the operation, post-operation care, and follow-up.
  • The dermatological examination and treatment processes are carried out by a high-quality team, and the latest modern technological methods in the dermatology department.


Medworld Clinic

Medworld Clinic

Antalya, Turkey

  • A wide range of dermatology-related diseases related to hair, nail, and skin is performed in this hospital.
  • Highly experienced and reputed doctors are there to care for patients' needs.
  • Medworld has some high-tech equipment to assist doctors in surgical procedures.


Saluss Medical Group

Saluss Medical Group

Antalya, Turkey

  • They provide standard quality services at an affordable price.
  • Their treatments are tailored to meet the needs of patients from all around the world.
  • The procedures performed here are- Rhinoplasty; breast augmentation; breast reduction, Buttock augmentation; Liposuction; Dermatology are some of them.


  • They are accredited by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.
  • They have highly experienced doctors and hygienic and quality treatments according to the needs of the patients with high-quality materials.
  • Services avail 24/7 and provide various treatments for cosmetic and plastic surgery and dermatology-related diseases.


  • They are considered one of Antalya's top plastic and cosmetic surgery hospitals.
  • The unit deals with diagnosing and treating fungal diseases, venereal diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhea, nail diseases, sexually transmitted skin diseases, hair loss, sun allergy, genetically inherited skin diseases, and dandruff formation.
  • Other popular surgeries are- scars, cancers; texture expansion; head and neck cancer.




Antalya, Turkey


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These are the various fields of Dermatology that its experts provide. So, Let's have a look at them!!

Cosmetic Dermatology

It focuses on the treatment of skin.


This branch focuses on the disease that causes hair loss, unusual hair growth, and hypertrichosis to the scalp.


Various types of skin diseases such as lupus and pemphigus Vulgaris disorders are treated in this area. 

Mohs surgery

It's a type of skin cancer that uses methods to evaluate peripheral and deep tumor margins.

Skin cancer excision and therapy

It is used for the treatment of more extensive skin cancer. In this therapy, removal of both the malignant tissue and the margin of healthy tissue surroundings is done.


This technique uses for treating skin malignancies and some inside tumors.

Cosmetic filler injections

It is a process to reduce wrinkles and improve facial contours. Dermal fillers are gel-like materials injected beneath the skin to add volume where it has been lost.

Laser Therapy

It treats birthmarks, skin disorders, and cosmetic resurfacing and rejuvenation.

Peels with chemicals

It is mainly used to cure acne and sun damage.

Photodynamic Therapy

It is a procedure that uses light-sensitive drugs and a light source to kill cancer cells.

Radiation Therapy 

It focuses on curing skin cancer and is also known as Radiotherapy.

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I want to do PRP treatment. How much cost it is.

Male | 30

PRP treatment is 2500 cost
For GFC cost is 5000 
per sitting 

Answered on 24th June'22

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Is laser suitable for us for removing hair

Female | 34

Yes, laser hair removal is a safest way to get rid of unwanted hair on any body part. but results totally depends upon the machine and technology that we used for these treatment. we at Dadu Medical Centre use the triple wavelength machine which works on every type of hair growth in one single shot. Which reduces the requirements of number of sessions as well as the time consumption in a session .

Answered on 15th July'22

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