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Can low blood pressure and erectile dysfunction be caused by sleep apnea?

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I am 33 yrs old female, i hv sleep disturbance from last 2 yrs , frequently dreaming through the night and feel asleep, only dreaming issue once going to bed ..pls guid me

Female | 33

Your probably facing this issue due to stress, anxiety, lifestyle habits, or other sleep disorders. Consult a doctor who can evaluate and give treatment options.

Answered on 1st June'23

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

Is it normal that whenever I cry I feel anxious and want to throw up and keep coughing hard and sometimes I do throw up.. No matter what if the cry is hard or normal cry

Female | 30

Strong emotions such as sadness or distress can trigger physical responses in the body, including an increase in heart rate, breathing changes, and muscle tension. It's possible that your body's response to crying involves these symptoms. Dpn't hesitate to speak to your doctor.

Answered on 30th May'23

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

My wife is suffering from feaver headache and conjection in chest since 10 day

Female | 47

do a chest xray
cbc/kft /lft

Answered on 29th May'23

Dr. Ashwin Yadav

Dr. Ashwin Yadav

I am a 19 year old female, I have noticed some discoloration in my hand finger nails the tip is red rest of the nail is white, I searched on google and it says that it might be an indication of heart Or kidney disease, in the past I have suffered from kidney infection and nothing more though I have heard from other doctors that I have less blood in my body, I feel perfectly healthy, but I'm worried about what may be going on, what should I do? What could it be?

Female | 19

It doesn't necessarily mean you have a specific condition. The red tip and white base on your fingernails may be caused by factors such as trauma, nail biting, or even normal variation in nail pigmentation. Regarding your past kidney infection and having less blood in your body, its best to discuss these concerns with your doctor. 

Answered on 29th May'23

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

My whole body aches, including my eyes my joints and my internals, I took muscle relaxers because I was told it should help (methocarbamol) and I'm also on birth control (Norethindrone)

Female | 20

Muscle relaxers like methocarbamol may help with muscle spasms but won't address the underlying issue. Birth control pills like Norethindrone typically don't cause widespread body aches. You must consult with your doctor to find out the causes of the pain, they may advice some tests or examination to check.

Answered on 29th May'23

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

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