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Im having pinkish brown watery discharge for 3 days and I've been trying to get pregnant, my last menstral period was on 29th jan 2023 and from 6th feb to 12th feb( till my ovulation )we are trying for a baby and now from 13 feb to till date(16th feb) im having these discharge so am i pregnant? When should i take a test?

Female | 26

It's probably a sign of implantation bleeding, which occurs when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine lining. To get the most accurate results, it is recommended to wait until about a week after your missed period to take a pregnancy test. 

Answered on 1st June'23

Dr. Nisarg Patel

Dr. Nisarg Patel

Hi I had unprotected sex with my partner 2 days before my period and 2 days later my period started at the correct time and all but my bleeding is less and I feel nauseous, am I pregnant

Female | 20

It's difficult to determine pregnancy solely based on the timing and characteristics of your period, as there can be variations in menstrual cycles and bleeding patterns. Also , symptoms like nausea can have various causes and may not necessarily indicate pregnancy.

Answered on 1st June'23

Dr. Nisarg Patel

Dr. Nisarg Patel

I am 27 year old female with hypothyroid history but this time I have missed my periods and after after consulting a doctor I took regestrone and from past few weeks I am having hairfall... after taking medicine for three days two times daily I have noticed white or transparent varginal discharge yet no periods....

Female | 27

It's possible that the medication you took, Regestrone, could be causing the white or transparent vaginal discharge. Some side effects of Regestrone include changes in menstrual bleeding patterns, such as spotting or irregular bleeding. The medication can affect your hormone levels, which leads to hair loss.

Answered on 1st June'23

Dr. Himali Patel

Dr. Himali Patel

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