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Fortune Hospital

Fortune Hospital

Sharda Nagar, Kanpur

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  • 11 Doctors
Apollo Spectra Hospitals

Apollo Spectra Hospitals

Colonelganj, Kanpur

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  • 9 Doctors
  • 70 Beds

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Questions & Answers on "Heart" (56)

Why i feel my heart beat when i sitting or i set my hand on left side chest.last two day i feel pain in left arm and leg

Female | 22

Possible reasons for this can be anxiety or stress, heart-related issues, or musculoskeletal problems. A professional can evaluate your symptoms, perform a physical examination, and ask for further tests to determine the cause.

Answered on 1st June'23

Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

Should someone be concerned if their doctor states in their file after an echocardiogram that "a left superior vena cava is not present"? Is this a good or bad thing?

Male | 5

The absence of a left superior vena cava is a rare anatomical variation where the vein is not located in its usual position. It is generally considered a normal variant and not inherently good or bad. While it usually doesn't cause health issues, it can bring challenges during certain medical procedures.

Answered on 29th May'23

Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

Hi. Im getting pain in the left side of my body. It starts below heart and it goes where ribs are. Pain comes and goes every few days.

Male | 39

Consult a cardiologist as we need to check your medical history, conduct a physical examination, and possibly order additional tests to determine the actual cause.

Answered on 20th May'23

Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

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