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I have a lump next to my labia majora and it's really painful and tender. I've gotten lumps before but they would be painless and go away after a couple of days. This time it's big and painful. For the most part it's hard but at the center there's thin skin and it's very soft.

Female | 21

see a surgeon or gynecologist can b an abscess 
Dr. Mangesh   Yadav's profile picture

Dr. Mangesh Yadav

Hi.... psoraisis ki cure ki dwai

Male | 31

Dr. Sharda Ayurveda is providing ayurvedic for psoriasis for more than 10 years with great success results. You can watch patient testimonial on the Dr. Ayurveda Hospital's YouTube Channel.
Dr. Mukesh   Sharda's profile picture

Dr. Mukesh Sharda

Am 31 age and now am pregnant and my 4 month NT scan is nuchal fold thickness is 2.1mm so it's normal for baby girl please tell me

Female | 31

There was no significant association between nuchal fold thickness and gestational age (r = 0.084; P = 0.258). The mean (standard deviation) was 2.2 (0.5) mm and the 95th centile was 3.0 mm.

Conclusions: The 95th centile of nuchal fold thickness measured by transvaginal sonography at 14-16 weeks is 3.0 mm.
Dr. Ashwani    Kumar 's profile picture

Dr. Ashwani Kumar

I had unprotected sex just a day before my ovulation taking unwanted 72 for the first time, any suggestions? Also what will be the side effects ? Weight gain ? Irregular periods ?

Female | 24

u might have irregular or delayed periods
Dr. Mangesh   Yadav's profile picture

Dr. Mangesh Yadav

Am having irregular menstrual cycle it last for 8days last month and same dis month nd my abdomen still hurt too wat should I do

Female | 22

I think u shud see a gynecologist if problem still persists 
Dr. Mangesh   Yadav's profile picture

Dr. Mangesh Yadav

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