Hair Transplant Surgery in Istanbul: The story of Three friends regaining their lost hair |Read how ClinicSpots played a vital role!!

After losing a lot of hair, James thought of searching for a permanent solution. That is when he stumbled upon ClinicSpots. Read the story of James, if you wish to know how he got his hair back and how ClinicSpots got involved in the whole treatment journey.

By Ipshita Ghoshal

18th, Oct'22

Disclaimer- The names have been changed for privacy of our clients and confidentiality purposes.


 Name - James, Alexander, Jack

Gender- Male, Male, Male

Age -37,44,36

Native Country-Ireland, Ireland, US

Treatment- Hair transplant surgery

Hospital- Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital

City- Istanbul

Doctor- Dr. Mahmut Kaya

Tests - Prior blood tests as suggested by the doctor

Symptoms- Pattern baldness and excessive hair loss


Now let’s see, How ClinicSpots supported them in their hair transplant journey. Read along!!



Mr. James, a 37-year-old man from Ireland, has successfully undergone hair transplant in Istanbul with the help and assistance of ClinicSpots.


James had lost a lot of hair strands and was totally depressed about it. He was going bald and felt embarrassed at social gatherings. He had started looking much older than his age. James’ baldness compelled him to search for some solution. And then he learned about hair transplants. To get more information, he came across a blog from ClinicSpots related to hair transplant in Istanbul.  James filled out the inquiry form to get more information on costs and where it could be done.


One of our case managers from ClinicSpots soon reverted back to him through emails and calls, but later on, the communication was passed on through WhatsApp. Our executive answered all his queries regarding the hair transplant procedure, costs, clinics and doctors etc.


After his interaction with Clinicspots, James shared with his friends his interaction with ClinicSpots. On his recommendation, his friends, Alexander and Jack from Ireland and US, contacted Clinicspots, and our case manager again guided them about the procedures and facilities. After intensive budgetary analysis,they were suggested Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital for their hair transplant surgery where Dr. Mahmut Kaya was appointed as their consultant doctor.


Dr. Mahmut Kaya advised them to undergo Sapphire FUE hair transplant in Istanbul. 


As they all decided to travel on the same day, Clinicspots provided the friends with Istanbul hair transplant package of 1600 EUR  with two days of stay included.


Our patient coordinator was the direct point of contact for James, Alexander, and Jack. They were continuously kept updated about their pick up, drop off and accommodation, and travel-related information. Before they departed for Istanbul, all three underwent some general blood tests as recommended by Dr. Mahmut Kaya and conveyed to them by our coordinator.


Once the test reports arrived, they started preparing to leave for Istanbul. Their flight timings and all necessary information had already been conveyed to them by their coordinator from ClinicSpots.


The day after they reached Istanbul, they met the doctor they were consulting. He went through their reports and, having found no complexities, decided to perform the hair transplant surgery the next day. The operation went very well as scheduled. The next day, they were kept under observation. Since the doctor found no anomalies, they were discharged the next day after washing their heads.


Post procedure guideline: There was no need for follow-up later on. Although they were given some post-treatment guidelines to be followed like

·         not to wear anything that has to be pulled down through the head

·         they should avoid going to any gym and swimming for about a month

·         avoiding sunlight as it will harm the grafts,

·         and not taking stress to avoid any stretching of hair grafts.


It was then time to leave for their respective countries, but two of them extended their stay to have teeth whitening done and get veneers.


It was just a matter of a few days before they could spot the difference in their hair density.


James, Alexander and Jack were all happy and satisfied with the service and assistance provided by ClinicSpots. After all, ClinicSpots takes all the necessary steps to make one's medical journey convenient & affordable.


Question and Answers (86)
Hi I'm Dhivya, Pls, confirm the starting price for hair transplant treatment

Female | 23

Hi Dhivya, 
Hair transplant cost depends upon the number of grafts required and the technique used for the procedure. In metropolitan cities a good hair transplant procedure may start from 50k and goes up as per the above mentioned factors along with the expertise of the clinic .
Dr. Nandini Dadu's profile picture

Dr. Nandini Dadu

When to wash hair normally after hair transplant?

Female | 29

After hair transplant first head wash can be done on 5th day with a mild shampoo. 
after that on every alternative day shampoo can ve done and with water you can wash on daily basis.

Dr. Nandini Dadu's profile picture

Dr. Nandini Dadu

What to expect 2 months after hair transplant?

Female | 34


If you are talking about results after hair transplant,then in that case you need to wait. After 2 months of hair transplant, transplanted  hair would be in shedding phase which would continue upto three or three and a half month. 
So you would not be able to see much difference in your hairloss condition. But at that period you should continue with your regular medication to get the good results.
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Dr. Nandini Dadu

When can i sleep on my side after hair transplant?

Male | 32

If your temple area also have been created while your hair transplant, in that case you need to be a little cautious about your sleeping patterns. You should try to sleep on your back for atleast 8-10 days, you should avoid to sleep on your chest or on side. Since in this period hair grafts tend to be fragile. So after 10-12 days of hair transplant you can start sleeping on your side. 
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Dr. Nandini Dadu

I am 35 year old woman , Ii am having excess hairfall.Need proper treatment for this

Female | 35

Hair fall in women can cause due to various reasons like nutrition deficiency, harmonal imbalance, stress or seasonal as well. To get rid of this you should consult a dermatologist to get the proper assessment done. Medication and some hair treatment like mesogrow and HGP can help you to cure. You can visit at Dadu medical centre for the detailed discussion and to line up your treatment. you can connect us on +91-9810939319.
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Dr. Nandini Dadu

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