Knee implant replacement surgery in Turkey: How ClinicSpots helped Oliver from UAE to get an opinion and treatment!!

This is a story of a man from UAE. He was having problems with his knee, but was unable to get an opinion in his own country. That is when ClinicSpots came into the picture to help him get treated. Curious to know what happened and how he got himself treated? Read the story to know further.

By Ipshita Ghoshal

28th, Dec'22

Name -Mr. Oliver 

Age- 58 

Gender- Male 

Country- UAE

Treatment - Knee implant replacement

Hospital- Memorial Hospital, Istanbul

City - Istanbul, Turkey

Doctor - Dr. N . Serdar Necmioglu

To know how ClinicSpots played an essential role in treating a 58-year-old man from UAE seeking replacement of an implant in his knee, keep reading below!!

Oliver was a 58-year-old man from UAE.  His main problem was an implant in his knee, which had to be replaced. The knee sometimes used to hurt, and made it difficult for him to walk.  He was trying to get an opinion from doctors in his country. In UAE, in spite of visiting many doctors he could not get any opinion. For some unknown reason, no doctor gave him an opinion on what to do with the implant. Left with no other option but to turn to another country for a view, Mr. Oliver began his search on the internet. 

 Let's find out about Mr. Oliver's journey and how ClinicSpots helped him!


While searching for other countries on the internet, Mr. Oliver stumbled upon ClinicSpots. He filled out the inquiry form and provided all his details. To his surprise, very soon, he was contacted by one of ClinicSpots' case managers. 


Mr. Oliver explained his problem to the executive who was talking to him. ClinicSpots executive asked for some time to get back to him with a solution. After a day, Mr. Oliver was again contacted by the ClinicSpots executive. Unfortunately, no doctor was ready to give his opinion on his problem. However, ClinicSpots could arrange a treatment plan for Mr. Oliver if he visits a hospital in Istanbul.


ClinicSpots executive convinced Mr. Oliver to come to Istanbul for a medical examination to know the root cause of his knee problem. Mr. Oliver shared his passport copies with the ClinicSpots executive, who then helped him issue the visa for his travel. Mr. Oliver decided to come to Istanbul anyway for the treatment, even if he was not getting any opinion. ClinicSpots executives assured him of quality treatment at their chosen Hospital. 


After the visa Invitation letter was issued, Mr. Oliver visited Istanbul. His stay in Istanbul was three weeks, out of which five days were Hospital stay. The quotation shared by clinic spots for this surgery was 6900 USD. The quotation was satisfactory for Mr. Oliver, so he had agreed readily. 

After he came to Istanbul and visited the Memorial hospital, a medical examination revealed that the implant had caused an infection in the femur. The doctor suggested a replacement surgery in a few days. 


After the surgery, Mr. Oliver was happy to get treated. After having rested for a few days, Mr. Oliver returned to the UAE feeling satisfied with his treatment. 

ClinicSpots was there throughout his treatment journey and helped him get the best possible treatment at the best price.

 Note: We respect our patient's privacy, so the name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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Best knee replacement Dr in Pune as per success rate n experience.

Female | 60

Instead of knee replacement you can go for Acupuncture and Acupressure therapy which has proven record to correct the issues internally thereby saving the patient from surgery. Acupuncture and Acupressure is 'NO Medicine- No surgery' therapy.
Results are almost miraculous!
take care 
Dr. Hanisha Ramchandani's profile picture

Dr. Hanisha Ramchandani

I often have pain at the back of my knee joint when l stand for a long time.How can l get help for this?

Female | 22

You can try Acupressure for your condition which is No Medicine- No Surgery therapy.
Pain in any area is due to blockages in the meridian.
Acupressure stimulator can help release this blockage.
Slight changes in diet will help to improve your condition quickly.
Cupping is equally useful.
Take care
Dr. Hanisha Ramchandani's profile picture

Dr. Hanisha Ramchandani

Average age for knee replacement?

55+ is an average age. But patients with systematic form of arthrtits or post traumatic etc might need Knee replacement at an earlier age

Dr Rufus Vasanth Raj
Dr. Rufus  Vasanth Raj's profile picture

Dr. Rufus Vasanth Raj

Sir, I, aged 62 years male, am going under constant pain in both knees since last 2 years. No medicine is favoring good result. Please let me know the cost of knee replacement so that I can plan accordingly. Waiting for your response. Thanks & Regards, Deepak R

Male | 62

1.5 lakh per one knee with imported implant 
Dr. Dr.Narendra   REDDY Medagam 's profile picture

Dr. Dr.Narendra REDDY Medagam

I am having swelling on knees. Unable to seat on feet.

Male | 45

Swelling follwing trauma can be because of ligament or meniscus injury inside the knee

Sudden swelling in one or both knees with any significant histort of trauma needs to be evaluated with necessary blood tests

Dr Rufus Vasanth Raj
Dr. Rufus  Vasanth Raj's profile picture

Dr. Rufus Vasanth Raj

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