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Pamela Anderson's story is what we're about to share today. A 24-year-old who got rhinoplasty in Turkey. Here is What Pamela Anderson from Poland Has to Say About Her Medical Trip

By Aqsa Fatma

18th, Oct'22

 Patient Name- Pamela Anderson


Age: 24 years

native country- Poland

Treatment- Rhinoplasty

Hospital-Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital, Istanbul 

Doctor-Dr. Melih Cicek

Let's read ahead about Pamela's journey to Turkey.

Pamila is a 24-year-old female from Poland. She visited Turkey for rhinoplasty on May 15, 2022.


She had a delightful personality but was always conscious of what her nose looked like and desired to get rhinoplasty surgery.


She started surfing on the internet about the nose job surgery  but she didn't get much  information online.


 While browsing the internet, she came across ClinicSpots,  a medical platform to connect the best hospitals and doctors worldwide. 

She put forth her questions, enquiring about all her queries regarding rhinoplasty, and got them answered by top doctors.


She wanted more of her questions to be answered, so she filled in her details on the ClinicSpots website, and soon one of the case managers contacted her.

 Our case manager discussed all the information about the patient's health conditions.


The case manager informed her that Turkey is the new destination for getting rhinoplasty done at an affordable cost. The rhinoplasty cost in Turkey is very affordable. Pamela agreed to do nose job in Turkey. 


Our team has taken immediate action and shared the VIL (Visa Invitation Letter) with them within 4 days. Soon after this, she traveled to Turkey. We ensured their hassle-free travel and hospital stay. 

Our team took each detail of the patient's journey . She was happy with the care given by ClinicSpots' executives and the patient coordination team.


Once she arrived in Turkey, Pamela was taken to one of the best hospitals for  rhinoplasty, Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital in Istanbul. The case was allotted to Dr. Melih Cicek Chechek, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, who got great reviews for his work on the nose job surgery.


 Diagnosis Tests: Before starting the treatment, Dr. Melih Cicek Chechek recommended undergoing multiple tests.

The tests are as follows:  

  • COVID test
  • Fasting blood sugar test
  • Partial Thromboplastin Time
  • nasal CT scan 

She had no medical history of concern and went through some standard blood tests that are generally performed before surgery. 

She went through the COVID tests, which are mandatory to enter Turkey. 

Treatment Plan

After the tests, Dr. Melih Cicek decided to take the treatment further. She stayed in the hospital for two days, while she stayed in a hotel for the remaining eight days, as there were follow-up check-ups four and eight days after the surgery. 

In total, she spent ten days in Turkey.


Post Treatment Guidelines

All the provided facilities were up to the mark. Dr. Melih Cicek has an excellent reputation for treating patients with care and friendliness.


 Dr. Melih Cicek gave the post-treatment guidelines in which Pamela must comply.

  • To avoid vigorous exercises like jogging and aerobics.
  • To avoid blowing her nose as it is bandaged, 
  • Take baths rather than showers.
  • To prevent constipation, eat high-fibre foods like fruits and vegetables.  
  • To avoid making exaggerated facial gestures like laughing or smiling.
  • To prevent her top lip from moving too much, softly brush your teeth.
  • Put on front-fastening clothing. Avoid pulling clothing items over your head, such as shirts or sweaters.

It was a moment of her lifetime when Pamila looked at her nose for the first time post-surgery. She was really happy and felt more confident about herself after nose surgery in Turkey.


She was also delighted that her entire journey to Istanbul, Turkey, became so smooth due to the assistance provided by ClinicSpots at every point, from documentation to getting rhinoplasty in Istanbul. 


Note : Our team respects the privacy of our patients, so we have changed the name in an effort to keep it confidential.

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