Spine Surgery in India: The Journey of a Young Patient from Bangladesh.

Anwar was in unbearable pain before coming to India. He could not even walk or sit properly due to pain. Today we are going to share his journey of spine surgery in India.

By Aqsa Fatma

28th, Dec'22

Patient Name- Anwar Ahmed


Age- 29 years

Native Country- Bangladesh

Treatment- Spine surgery

Hospital-Fortis Hospital Mulund.

Doctor-Dr. Gurneet Showney


Let's read about Anwar Ahmed's journey and how ClinicSpots helped him.

As a sportsman, Anwar Ahmed spends most of his time running marathons, swimming, and riding motorcycles.


As the years and adventures went by, Anwar started noticing back pain from the neck to the tailbone. 

One fine day, Anwar began noticing numbness in his legs. At first, the numbness was bearable and did not affect his active lifestyle.


But slowly, the pain started increasing day by day. Anwar was not able to walk. He could not ride his bicycle or drive a car for more than 20 minutes. The pain was so unbearable that he couldn't even sit without support. He started having trouble walking. He couldn't do the things he used to do.


Anwar knew something was seriously wrong and sought help from many doctors. After an x-ray, discovered that a nerve near the tailbone was compressed and needed surgery immediately.


But, the hospital in Bangladesh didn't have the expertise or resources to cure him.


Anwar started doing his research on the internet and came across ClinicSpots, an online healthcare Q&A platform where he got all his queries answered by top doctors.


He was satisfied with his queries being solved, so he contacted ClinicSpots to get more detailed answers to every query he had in mind.


A representative from ClinicSpots got connected with him.


She helped him get connected to Dr. Gurneet Showney. A neurosurgeon from Fortis Hospital, one of the most renowned and expert surgeons in the field .He advised him to travel to India to get his surgery done.


Anwar was convinced and embarked on a journey to bring back his everyday life.


ClinicSpots helped him plan his entire journey from Bangladesh to India, from arranging his medical visa, travel documents, and lodging. ClinicSpots also provided him with an interpreter who could communicate with him in his mother tongue.


Anwar arrived in India on the 1st of March, 2022. His surgery was scheduled just two days after his arrival. 


On meeting Dr. Gurneet Showney, Anwar shared his entire problem with him. Dr. Gurneet assured him that he would do everything possible to help him get back to his everyday life as soon as possible.


Anwar undergoes MRI and blood tests before the surgery.


The whole surgery was a huge success, and Anwar could walk again two days after the surgery.


He was advised to go through physiotherapy in the hospital itself. He was made to learn the exercises he would have to do after returning home.


Anwar was discharged from the hospital four days after the surgery. He was asked for a follow-up check-up one week after he was discharged. During that one week, he lived in the same accommodation provided by ClinicSpots.


After the follow-up, he returned to Bangladesh and is now in good condition.


He can walk long distances, ride a bike and also play sports. but he also needs to follow a regular exercise and physiotherapy schedule.


Anwar was pleased that he could walk again. He thanks Dr. Gurmeet and ClinicSpots for making his life much happier and more convenient.


Note: We respect our patient's privacy, so the name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.


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