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Tuberculous And Chest Diseases Specialists in Kolkata, 4 Results

Park Clinic


Next available - Monday 6pm - 8:30pm

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Poddar Clinic


Next available - Tuesday 4pm - 9pm

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Dr. Amit Poddar's profile picture

Dr. Amit Poddar

42 years of experience

MD - TB & Chest, DTCD(Diploma in TB and Chest Dieseas), DTM&H, MBBS

  • Certificate of Honour at BRONCOCON Indian Association of Bronchology in 2007.
  • Chest Specialist at Belur E.S.I. (T.B) Hospital.
  • Member of Indian Chest Society.
Columbia Asia Hospital


Next available - Monday 9am - 12pm

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Dr. Piyush Goel's profile picture

Dr. Piyush Goel

13 years of experience

FNB - Critical Care Medicine, MD - Pulmonary Medicine, MBBS

Pleural Effusion Treatment

Balance Exercises

Chest Disease Treatment


Interstitial Lung Disease Treatment

6 more Services
N.g. Nursing Home


Also Available on call

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Krishna Clinic-Chest Medicine


Next available - Monday 7:30pm - 8pm

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Dr. Koushik Chakraborty's profile picture

Dr. Koushik Chakraborty

16 years of experience

MD - Pathology, Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), MBBS

Eosinophilia Treatment

Immunity Therapy

Balance Exercises

Fever Treatment

Chest Disease Treatment

14 more Services
Sahid Khudiram Bose Hospital


Next available - Monday 4pm - 6pm

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Dr. S Upadhyay's profile picture

Dr. S Upadhyay

15 years of experience

MD - Physician, Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), MBBS

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