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TB treatment in India : Current Trends and Challenges

Uncover the latest insights on TB treatment in India, including detailed statistics on age, gender, and regional prevalence, to understand this critical health challenge.

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By Shweta Kulshreshtha 5th Jan '24 16th Jan '24
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Tuberculosis (TB) is a global health concern. Despite being a preventable and curable disease, WHO says it remains one of the world's top 10 causes of death, claiming over 1.4 million lives in 2021.

India bears the highest TB burden, which accounts for about 1/4th of the world's TB cases. The Government of India proposes to eradicate TB by 2025. The government's strategy includes the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) and the Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course (DOTS), focusing on combating drug-resistant TB and improving TB treatment in India.

Some quick facts to understand why TB is a major concern for India

Facts Statistics
World's largest TB burden27% of all global cases
Childhood TB Burden12% of all global cases
High burden statesUttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu
Highest incidence rate192/ 100,000 compared to the global average of 130/ 100,00
Mostly affected age groupPeak age group 25-34
Mostly AffectedFemales more affected than males

Don't overlook the urgency of TB in India – take action now to safeguard your health.

Best TB Hospital in India

India is home to some of the best TB hospitals, offering cutting-edge tuberculosis treatment. These institutions are not just healing centers but also pivotal in research and TB control initiatives. They stand as beacons of hope for millions. As key players in research and treatment, these tuberculosis hospitals in India are committed to eradicating the disease and improving public health outcomes.

Best TB Hospital in Delhi:

1. National Institute of TB and Respiratory Diseases

National Institute of TB and Respiratory Diseases

Address: Sri Aurobindo Marg Near Qutub Minar, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Establishment Year: 1952 (as LRS TB Hospital)

Doctors: Core faculty focusing on TB and respiratory diseases


  • The institute focuses on teaching, training, and research in tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. It's known for its contributions towards TB control techniques and guidelines in India.
  • Major contributions to the creation of guidelines for the treatment of tuberculosis, MDR-TB and tuberculosis in children.

2. Rajan Babu Tuberculosis Hospital

Rajan Babu Tuberculosis Hospital

Address: Tagore Park Extension, GTB Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009

Number of beds: More than 1,155

Doctors: Chest specialists, surgeons, resident physicians, and paramedical professionals


  • It's one of the biggest TB hospitals in India and a major Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Center. 
  • The hospital has facilities for the RNTCP conditional access program for novel anti-TB medicine.

Best TB Hospital in Mumbai:

3. Fortis Hospital Mulund

Fortis Hospital Mulund

Address: Mulund Goregaon Link Road, Mulund West, Mumbai- 400078

Number of beds: 275

Doctors: Pulmonologists, interventional, pulmonary critical care specialists and onco-pulmonologists

Specialities: The Pulmonology department offers advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services for treating Tuberculosis and other lung conditions like chronic bronchitis, COPD and lung cancer.

4. Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital & Research Centre

Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital & Research Centre

Address: Raja Rammohan Roy Road, Girgaon, Mumbai- 400004

Number of beds: 345

Doctors: Information not specified


The Department of Pulmonary Medicine provides comprehensive world-class services for treating Tuberculosis and other lung disorders.

Specialized Pulmonology department with facilities for invasive and non-invasive treatment modalities.

Best TB Hospital in Bangalore:

5. Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases (RGICD)

Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases (RGICD)

Address: Someshwara Nagar Dharmaram College Post, 1st Main Rd, near NIMHANS, Bangalore, Karnataka 560029

Establishment Year: 1948

Number of beds: 470

Doctors: Information not specified

Specialities: Specialised in diagnosing, treating, and researching chest diseases including TB and respiratory conditions.

6. Manipal Hospital

Manipal Hospital

Address: 98, HAL Old Airport Rd, Kodihalli, Bangalore, Karnataka 560017

Establishment Year: 1991

Number of beds: 600

Doctors: Best pulmonologists staff

Specialities: 43 specialist departments including pulmonary medicine providing comprehensive treatment for Tuberculosis and other lung diseases.

Specific specialities for TB: Expert treatments for TB and several other lung diseases.

Best TB Hospital in Chennai:

7. SIMS Hospital

SIMS Hospital

Address: Metro No.1 Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Landmark, next to Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026

Establishment Year: 2012

Number of beds: 345


  • Dedicated infectious diseases department providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for tuberculosis.
  • Treatment includes first-line and second-line TB drugs, DOTs program, and surgical treatment.

Discover the top TB care at India's premier hospital – seize control of your well-being by reaching out to us now!

8. Gleneagles Global Hospital

Gleneagles Global Hospital

Address: 439, Sholinganallur, Cheran Nagar, Perumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600100

Establishment Year:1999

Number of beds: 1000


  • Specialised Pulmonology department offering thorough tuberculosis examinations and treatments, including drug-resistant TB.
  • Special diagnostic tests like GeneXpert and Bronchoscopy for TB.

Best TB Hospital in Hyderabad:

9. Yashoda Hospital

Yashoda Hospital

Establishment Year:1999

Number of beds: 1000

Doctors: A team of doctors specialised and trained in interventional pulmonology

Offers comprehensive consultative, diagnostic, and therapeutic services for various lung diseases including TB.

Did you know that in India, one person dies of TB every two minutes? 


In 2022, the country accounted for 10.6 million people diagnosed with TB. India also harbours 47% of individuals with multi-drug resistant infections, resistant to at least two primary anti-TB drugs. While about 85% of TB patients can be cured with a 6-month medicine regimen, affordability remains an issue for some.

As we navigate healthcare options, the most important criteria to consider are the doctors' qualifications, experience, and expertise.

Best doctors for TB treatment in India

Best TB Doctor in Delhi:

1. Dr. Shweta Bansal

Dr. Shweta Bansal

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: Dr. Bansal is one of the best doctor for tuberculosis in Delhi with over 14 years in pulmonology and sleep medicine.

Experience at Safdarjung Hospital, AIIMS Delhi, and Delhi Heart and Lung Institute.

Specializes in lung diseases, including tuberculosis.

2. Dr. Sai Kiran Chaudhari

Dr. Sai Kiran Chaudhari

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: 27 years

Services: Specialises in the treatment of advanced respiratory failure advanced cardiorespiratory failure and home ventilation of critical patient

Associated with: Dr. Sai Kiran Chaudhari Clinic

3. Dr. Anuj Gupta

Dr. Anuj Gupta

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: 24 years

Associated with: K L Chest + Diagnostic Clinic

Services: Specialises in TB diagnosis and treatment

Best TB Doctor in Mumbai:

4. Dr. Zarir F Udwadia

 Dr. Zarir F Udwadia

Specialisation: Chest Physician

Experience: 31 years

Services: General Medicine, Chest Medicine, TB, MDR-TB, ILD, Pulmonary infections, Difficult asthma, Sleep disorders, and COVID.

Specialises:  In the treatment of MDR TB cases

Associated with: Hinduja Hospital

5. Dr. Rajendra Nanavare

Dr. Rajendra Nanavare

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: 34 years

Services: Chest Medicine, TB, Pulmonary infections

Associated with: Aashirwad Hospital

Best TB Doctor in Bangalore:

6. Dr. Sathyaarayana Mysore

Dr. Sathyaarayana Mysore

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: 23 years

Services: TB, Drug-resistant TB, Lung cancers

Associated with: Manipal Hospital

7. Dr. Guruprasad Bhat S

 Dr. Guruprasad Bhat S

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: 27 years

Services: Chest Medicine, TB, Pulmonary medicine

Associated with: Manipal Hospital

Best TB Doctor in Chennai:

8. Dr. R. Narsimhan

 Dr. R. Narsimhan

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: 41 years

Services: TB, Pulmonary infections

Associated with: Apollo Hospital

9. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Thomas

 Dr. Prasanna Kumar Thomas

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: 40 years

Services: Chest Medicine, treatment for TB, Pulmonary infections

Associated with: Fortis Malar Hospital

Embark on your journey to recovery with the finest TB specialists in India. Reach out to us today and take the initial step towards healing.

Best TB Doctor in Hyderabad:

10. Dr. P. Vijay Bhaskar

Dr. P. Vijay Bhaskar

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: 30 years

Services: Tuberculosis treatment, Lung infections

Associated with: Bhaskar Chest Care Centre

11. Dr.Latha Shrama

Dr.Latha Shrama

Specialisation: Pulmonologist

Experience: 27 years

Services: Chest Medicine, TB treatment, Pulmonary infections

Associated with: KIMS Hospital

Cost of Tuberculosis treatment in India 

The cost of TB treatment in India can vary significantly depending on several factors, making it difficult to provide a single, definitive answer. Here's an in-depth breakdown of the various cost elements:

  • Free through RNTCP: The Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) provides free diagnosis and treatment for all forms of TB through a network of designated microscopy centers and DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course) centers. This covers medications, basic diagnostic tests, and treatment monitoring.
  • Private sector costs: For those seeking care outside RNTCP or requiring additional services, costs can vary widely. Consultations with private doctors can range from Rs. 200 to Rs. 1,000 or more. Diagnostic tests like X-rays and sputum smear microscopy can cost between Rs. 200 and Rs. 1,000 each. More advanced tests like GeneXpert MTB/RIF may cost Rs. 2,000 or more.
  • Hospitalization: If hospitalization is required, costs can escalate significantly. Depending on the severity of the case, the type of hospital (private vs. government), and the duration of stay, hospitalization costs can range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 or even more.
  • Medication: While basic TB medications are available for free through RNTCP, newer or specific drugs for MDR-TB or drug-resistant strains can be expensive, costing several thousand rupees per month.

Factors influencing cost of Tuberculosis treatment in India 

  • Type of TB: MDR-TB or drug-resistant strains require more expensive treatment, significantly impacting costs.
  • Severity of the disease: Patients with severe or complicated cases might require hospitalization, adding substantial costs.
  • Treatment location: Private healthcare is generally more expensive than government services through RNTCP.

Let’s understand how the Indian government works on reducing, not only the the costs but also the prevalence of TB in India

Overview of the Government Policies and Programs for TB Control in India

The Government of India has implemented various policies and programs to combat the significant burden of Tuberculosis (TB) in India.

National Policies

  1. National Strategic Plan for Tuberculosis Elimination 2017-2025 (NSP).
  2. National Policy for Treatment of Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) 2019 India
  • This policy outlines a comprehensive framework for managing MDR-TB.
  • Includes early diagnosis, standardised treatment regimens and improved patient care
  • Policy addresses TB, TB-related co-morbidities and HIV in the World of Work in India
  • Recognizing the role of workplaces in TB transmission 
  • Promotes preventive measures and access to TB services for working populations

Government Programs

  1. Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP): 
  • The backbone of India’s TB Control Efforts
  • Provides free diagnosis and treatment for all forms of TB
  • This is done through a network of designated microscopy centres and DOTS centres.

2. Nikshay Poshan Yojna

  • Recognizes the link between malnutrition and poor TB outcomes
  • This scheme provides nutritional support through cash transfers
  • Financial incentive of Rs 500/ month for each notified TB patient

3. Aarogya Setu App integration with RNTCP:

  • The Indian government is leveraging Aarogya Setu App
  • This is done by identifying and notifying potential TB cases
  • Done through cough monitoring and contact tracing cases

Partnerships with International Organizations

1. World Health Organization (WHO):

  • WHO  is providing technical assistance to India’s TB control efforts
  • This is done by supporting policy development, capacity building and surveillance

2. Stop TB Partnership:

  • India is a member of this Global Partnership
  • Works to accelerate progress to ending TB worldwide
  • Supports India through advocacy, resource mobilisation and knowledge sharing

Additional Programs

1. Private Sector Engagement:

  • The government is increasingly involving the private sector
  • To leverage its reach and expertise
  • This will improve diagnostics and treatment adherence

2. Community involvement:

  • Community-based interventions play a crucial role in raising awareness
  • They help reduce stigma and mobilise social support

But despite these significant efforts, the challenges which remain, to achieve a TB free India, include:

  • Inadequate healthcare infrastructure in rural areas
  • Emergence of drug-resistant TB strains
  • The social stigma associated with TB
  • Requires continued commitment from government, healthcare professionals and civil society

India is at the forefront of TB research. Newer techniques like molecular tests are set to replace age-old sputum testing techniques in India for faster detection of TB. It has already started in Goa.

Let’s find out if TB treatment is free in India.

National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP):

  • This is  a centrally sponsored program under the National Health Mission
  • Involves resource sharing between the State and Central Governments under the National Health Mission (NHM)
  • The Central TB Division affirms that TB treatment is available free of cost.
  • This TB treatment can be availed at all government and identified private and NGO health facilities known as treatment centres

Explore the landscape of Government Policies and Programs for TB Control in India and prioritize your health. Schedule your appointment with us today – your well-being is our focus. 


Are the services at Hospitals free of charge?

Many services provided by government hospitals are either free or offered at a subsidized rate, making TB care more affordable for people in need.

Are there support services for TB patients in India?

Yes, various support services, including counselling and awareness programs, are often provided at DOTS centres and through government initiatives.

Are there awareness campaigns for TB in India?

Yes, the government, NGOs, and healthcare organizations often conduct awareness campaigns to educate the public about TB symptoms, prevention, and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment.

What is the role of private healthcare providers in TB diagnosis and treatment in India?

Private healthcare facilities play a significant role in TB diagnosis and treatment in India. The government often collaborates with private providers to ensure standardized care and reporting.

Are there specific initiatives to address TB among elderly people?

Special initiatives may be in place to address TB in vulnerable populations, considering factors like age and comorbidities. Tailored healthcare approaches may be implemented to meet the unique needs of these groups.

Is there a role for technology in TB treatment and management in India?

Technology, such as mobile applications for medication reminders and telehealth services, may be employed to enhance TB treatment adherence and monitoring, especially in remote or underserved areas.


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Question and Answers

Hi My brother who is 26 is diagnosed with lung tb.he is on tb medicines from last 3 months but he carves a lot junk food he is taking his medication from tb dispensary based in Delhi Guy who distribute medicine there says he can have some stuff but not regularly. My brother become short tempered after having these medicines he is not listening to us What should we do please help

Male | 26

Medications for TB commonly bring about changes in mood such as crankiness. Having junk meals while under TB drugs could worsen the situation. Ensure your brother eats nourishing food. If he still gets angry easily, you should consult his doctor. 

Answered on 12th June '24

Dr. Shweta Bansal

Dr. Shweta Bansal

My lungs crackling only for 2-3 min, before 1 month i had dry cough and cold

Female | 22

If you’ve had a dry cough and cold recently, it seems like you might have some crackling in your lungs. This is normal. The sound could mean there is still mucus present. To remedy the situation, drink more water and practice breathing exercises. If it persists or worsens, take time off work so your body can recover.

Answered on 12th June '24

Dr. Shweta Bansal

Dr. Shweta Bansal

Hi, my name is aiden i am 14 years old and I've been wondering if there something wrong with me when i lay down on my chest i find it a lil hard to breathe sometimes i wonder if its axizety or i might be overthinking but other then that ive been having axizety making it hard for me to sleep and i just feels like my eyes are close but im not getting any sleep what should i do

Male | 14

When you lay on your chest and it feels hard to get air in, that could be from anxiety. Anxiety also makes it difficult for people to sleep well at night.  You can learn how to control your breathing when talking about it with them and other ways of calming down too if they know about it. Try doing things before going to bed like making a routine so that every time before sleep you will make sure that you get into bed more easily also practice good habits around sleep like not watching any screens an hour before bedtime because they keep awake longer which means fewer hours spent resting. If these symptoms stay or get worse then maybe it's time to see the doctor and tell them what’s been happening.

Answered on 13th June '24

Dr. Shweta Bansal

Dr. Shweta Bansal

I am looking after my dad that has end of life copd.hes not eating much very weak talks in his sleep and fidgety and is getting withdrawn from peopl

Male | 83

Extreme fatigue and loss of appetite could be caused by COPD. Sometimes people may talk while asleep, be restless, or become unresponsive during this period. This means that the body is extremely weak. Right now, what is most important is to make sure he is relaxed all the time, don’t force him to eat too much but give him small amounts of food often. 

Answered on 13th June '24

Dr. Shweta Bansal

Dr. Shweta Bansal

My mother has sarcoidosis fibrotic ILD patient.last night her oxygen saturation 87 to 90. But physically she is normal .plz suggest what should i do.

Female | 66

The scarred and stiff lung tissue in sarcoidosis fibrotic ILD makes it hard for air to get in.  If her oxygen level drops below normal, she does not have enough oxygen in her body. It can be really bad. Even if she seems fine, low oxygen can hurt her. Assure that her doctor’s instructions for using oxygen are strictly followed. In case there is no improvement, call for emergency medical services immediately.

Answered on 14th June '24

Dr. Shweta Bansal

Dr. Shweta Bansal

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