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Dr. Chaitee Gulwadi's Physiokinesis


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Dr. Chaitee Gulwadi (Physiotherapist)'s profile picture

Dr. Chaitee Gulwadi (Physiotherapist)

19 years of experience

Certified Practitioner - Myofascial Release and Structural Intergration, Certified Practitioner - Muscle Activation, Certified Practitioner-Dry Needling, Certified Practitioner-Pilates, BPTh/BPT

Joint Mobilization

Sports Fracture Rehabilitation

Foot Care

Ergonomic Training

Musculoskeletal Injury Physiotherapy

11 more Services
Dr. Saurabh Kamat (Physiotherapist)'s profile picture

Dr. Saurabh Kamat (Physiotherapist)

17 years of experience

Certificate Course In Therapeutic Yoga, MPTh/MPT - Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physiotherapy, Certificate of Manual Therapy-COMT, BPTh/BPT

  • Director at Cyrus and Phoebus in 2005.
  • Physiotherapist at Cyrus and Phoebus.
  • Member of Indian Association of Physiotherapist.
Dr. Harsh Vaishnav (Physiotherapist)'s profile picture

Dr. Harsh Vaishnav (Physiotherapist)

10 years of experience


Pelvic Rehabilitation

Short Wave Diathermy

Arthritis And Pain Management

Spine Injury

Spine Mobilization

28 more Services
Dr. Poornima U Dudhedia's profile picture

Dr. Poornima U Dudhedia

17 years of experience

Fellowship in Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (FOR), MD - Acupuncture, BHMS

Paralytic Care

Microcurrent Therapy

Osteopathic Treatment

Rheumatological Rehabilitation

Pelvic Rehabilitation

49 more Services
Dr. Anshu Puranik (Physiotherapist)

Dr. Anshu Puranik (Physiotherapist)

11 years of experience

MPTh/MPT - Neurological Physiotherapy, BPTh/BPT

Spine Mobilization

Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Spine Injury

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