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Best Diabetologistt Clinics in Thane

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Dr. Sachin Khandelwal

Dr. Sachin Khandelwal

Kalyan City, Thane

1 Doctor
1 Doctor

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I’m a diabetic, want to conceive

Female | 39

As a diabetic planning to conceive, it's crucial to consult a healthcare expert, preferably a diabetes specialist or an endocrinologist. Focus on achieving good blood sugar control before conception to reduce risks. Ensure a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. Take folic acid supplements, attend regular prenatal check ups, and be prepared for a high risk pregnancy due to your diabetes. 

Answered on 8th Aug'23

Dr. Nisarg Patel

Dr. Nisarg Patel

Hiii Mam I am suffering from diabeties and looking a best doctor for treatment , I also see about you at site so can you pls suggest for the treatment ... I have also echs card for treatment if required pls let me know .

Male | 60

Treatment may be started depending on your blood sugar levels. FBS and PPBS. 

Answered on 6th Jan'23

Dr. Soumya Poduval

Dr. Soumya Poduval

I am suffering from diabetes since 20 years n hypothyroidism since 10 years... Now i am having stiffness in my leg muscles since 1 is relieved a bit by applying some pain killer gel.taking vitamin d3 must 60 k from 3 weeks.takimg ccm also.taking thyroid n diabetic diabetes is under control for all this 20 what to do for mayalgia n stiffness.

Female | 72

please get your Serum TSH levels checked also. 
Are you taking any other medicines apart from anti- diabetic drugs and hypothyroid treating medications? 

Answered on 24th Dec'22

Dr. Soumya Poduval

Dr. Soumya Poduval

Dr Jayanti Ramesh Garu Good Morning ! Sir I am Srinivas Mullapudi From Visakhapatnam About My Self and My Diabetic History My Mission is a diabetes free Society a Challenge Health is Wealth since my child hood days I saw many of my relatives died because of diabetes ,5 years ago one of my assistant died because of diabetes i have type 2 diabetes since 15 years. It moved me to start with. I started my journey seriously for diabetes total cure, I started diet in 2018 familiarly known as vrk sir diet keto diet in ap and spread to other parts of the country ,after doing this diet in june 2018 my hb1ac came at 4.9 and in july 2018 5.3, further I continued vrk sir diet till dec 2018 seriously after 2019 jan I started taking little carbs and it continued, thereafter my hb1ac raised to 7 to 7.2as advised by some doctors certain amount of carbohydrates necessary for the body ,hence by raising carbohydrates qty, my sugar levels used to raise, hence I would like to know what is the best method to go for and further seeking your advise for the long term benefit of total health now I am using reclide 40 daily one, and my bsl is in normal range further I am trying to reduce hb1ac, at present my bsl is in normal range My recent BSL...FBS ..88,,PP2..134...PP3..103 i have to go for HB1AC TEST Latest In coming years I want to be free from diabetes, when reversal of diabetes happens, then it is I reached my goal of diabetes free di For this purpose I am in search of systems, organizations who can support me In this context Can You Pl advise and Support me I would like to Consult you online at the earliest Appointment Date Tomorrow 03/07Saturday 7.30 PM, OR 04/07Sunday 10.30 am , OR 05/07 Monday 7.30 pm Pl confirm your Appointment accordingly regards Srinivas. M: 9290163419

Male | 56


Answered on 17th Feb'23

Dr. Dr Anuradha  kapoor

Dr. Dr Anuradha kapoor

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