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What is the Colonoscopy Cost in Mumbai?

Lowest Cost (approx) $15

Average Cost (approx) $47

Highest Cost (approx) $694

  • Diagnosis : The inside of the large intestine
  • Procedure time : 30 - 60 min
  • Recovery time : 24 hrs
  • Hospitalization days : Out-patient

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The Colonoscopy cost in Mumbai is Rs. 1,233 - Rs. 57,083 ($15-694), almost 50-80% less than the costs in the US and Canada. The colonoscopy price in Mumbai also varies based on certain factors. 

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Well, we have made it easier for you by including everything you need to know about colonoscopy price in Mumbai. 

Cost in Top Cities

Cities Min Avg Max
Delhi $14 $46 $669
Ahmedabad $12 $38 $559
Bangalore $14 $45 $657
Mumbai $15 $47 $694
Pune $13 $43 $632
Chennai $13 $41 $602
Hyderabad $12 $40 $583
Kolkata $11 $37 $534

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Colonoscopy cost in Mumbai

The average colonoscopy cost in Mumbai is Rs. 3,865 ($47). Colonoscopy is a screening process used to detect the presence of any abnormalities in the large intestine. Colonoscopy is found for individuals who have:

  • A family history of colon cancer
  • Chronic inflammatory bowel disease, and 
  • Gastrointestinal diseases

The colonoscopy price in Mumbai varies based on factors like - 

  • The medical tourism company
  • The city you choose, and 
  • Your medical condition
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Factors affecting the Colonoscopy treatment in Mumbai

The factors affecting the price of Colonoscopy in Mumbai include - 

Type of FacilityThe colonoscopy cost can vary depending on whether the procedure is performed at a public or private hospital. Generally, the cost at a public hospital will be lower than at a private hospital.
LocationThe cost of colonoscopy can also vary depending on the city and the location. The procedure may be more expensive in larger cities or at more prestigious hospitals.
Experience and qualifications of the doctorThe cost of colonoscopy can be affected by the experience and qualifications of the doctor performing the procedure. A doctor with more experience and higher qualifications may charge more than a less experienced or less qualified doctor.
Type of AnesthesiaThe cost of colonoscopy may also depend on the type of anesthesia used during the procedure. The average cost of anesthesia for colonoscopy in Mumbai ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000.
Whether the procedure is diagnostic or therapeuticThe cost of colonoscopy can also depend on whether the procedure is diagnostic or therapeutic. A therapeutic procedure may be more expensive than a diagnostic colonoscopy cost. 
Insurance coverageColonoscopy cost with insurance coverage vary depending on the specific insurance plan. The cost of colonoscopy can also be affected by whether or not the patient has insurance coverage for the procedure. It's recommended to check your insurance coverage and consult with your insurance provider to understand the colonoscopy price with coverage.

The Colonoscopy cost in Mumbai varies between Rs.1,060 - Rs.50,169 or $13 and $614, depending on certain conditions. If you go with a non-reputed hospital you will pay about $96 as it depends upon the facility provided by the Hospital. If you go with a reputed hospital, you can expect to pay around $614. But, comparing it with other countries, the cost is very affordable.

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Why should you consider Colonoscopy treatment in Mumbai?

There are several reasons why someone might consider colonoscopy treatment in Mumbai like the best doctors who have immense experience in this field, development in the area of the healthcare sector, provides the best facility to the patients, and the doctors and staff providing complete care to the patients. Below we have listed why you should choose Mumbai for Colonoscopy treatment. 

CostThe colonoscopy charges in Mumbai is generally lower than in many other countries. This can be a major factor for people looking to save money on medical treatments.
Quality of careMumbai has a large number of highly qualified and experienced doctors and medical facilities that are well-equipped to perform colonoscopy procedures. Many of these doctors and facilities have experience and expertise in treating patients from abroad.
ConvenienceMumbai is a popular medical tourism destination, and many hospitals and medical facilities in Mumbai have experience in accommodating patients from abroad. They can provide services such as airport pickup, accommodation for patients and their families, and translation services to make the process as convenient as possible.
Advancement of technologyMumbai has the latest technology and equipment available for the diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer.
No waiting timeUnlike in many other countries, in Mumbai patients can get an appointment for colonoscopy very quickly, without waiting for long periods of time.
Combination of treatment and travelMumbai is a popular tourist destination, and many patients choose to combine their treatment with a holiday in Mumbai.

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Other Details

How long does a colonoscopy take from start to finish?

It can typically take about 20 minutes to an hour to complete the full examination. The results are generally available just after the completion of the colonoscopy procedure. Your doctor will share it with you as soon as the effect of the sedative and the anesthesia has worn off.

A colonoscopy typically takes between 30 minutes and one hour from start to finish. However, the entire process, from preparation to recovery, can take several hours.

PreparationBefore the procedure, the patient will need to prepare by cleaning out their colon, usually with a laxative or enema. This can take several hours.
ProcedureThe actual colonoscopy procedure typically takes between 30 minutes and one hour. During the procedure, the doctor will insert a long, flexible tube with a camera on the end into the rectum and slowly guide it through the colon. The colonoscopy procedure cost is about $2000 to $3800.
RecoveryAfter the procedure, the patient will need to recover for a few hours. During this time, the patient will be monitored for any complications and will be given instructions on what to do next.

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Country Wise Colonoscopy cost

The Colonoscopy charges vary according to different countries. Below is the list of Colonoscopy costs in different countries.

IndiaRs.1060 - 50,169 ($13-614)
ThailandRs.40,854 - 61,281 ($500-750)
MexicoRs.49,025 - 65,366 ($600-800)
PhilippinesRs.65,366 - 81,708 ($800-1000)
South AfricaRs.73,537 - 89879 ($900-1100)
MalaysiaRs.81,708 - 106221 ($1000-1300)

The costs mentioned above are estimated. Hence, the actual colonoscopy price in Mumbai also differs depending on various factors.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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