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₹ 1000 Approx.


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Answers by Dr. Harikiran Chekuri

Male | 18

Cost kya h gender change karne ka

Answered on 27th Sept'23

Gender reassignment surgery cost varies depending on the type of transition. For male to female transition, the cost ranges from $2,438 to $6,095. For female to male transition, the cost falls between $4,876 and $9,752. 
For more detailed information about the cost check this page - Gender reassignment surgery cost

Female | 16

Can i use butt enlargement at 16 or 17 Can i also take gain weight pills at 16 or 17

Answered on 14th Sept'23

Using butt enlargement or weight gain pills at ages 16 or 17 is generally not recommended without medical guidance. Cosmetic procedures should wait until your body has fully matured, and weight management should be approached through healthy nutrition and exercise with the advice of your doctor.

Male | 29

I have moles on face i have to remove it

Answered on 5th Aug'23

mole removal can be easily done at any nearby clinic with a good dermatologists. the procedure will take approx 10 mins

Female | 38

Is scalp micropigmentation permanent?

Answered on 5th Aug'23

scalp micro pigmentation or smp is a temporary solution.
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Academic Qualifications

  1. MBBS

    J.S.S Medical College, Mysore


  2. MS - General Surgery

    Devaraj URS Medical College - Kolar


  3. MCh - Plastic Surgery

    Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad



  1. Gold Medalist from NTR University of Health Sciences in Plastic Surgery

  2. Awarded as Paul Harris Fellow From Rotary Club of Hyderabad North

  3. Vaidya Siromani



  1. Doctor

    MNJ Cancer Hospital

    2008 - 2009

  2. Owner

    Redefine Plastic Surgery Center

    2009 - Present

  3. Out Reach Program Director

    Resurg International, California

    2014 - Present


  1. Indian Medical Association (IMA)

  2. Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI)

  3. Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

  4. Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS)






I recently had rhinoplasty done by Dr. Harikiran, a plastic surgeon in Hyderabad that my friend recommended. I'm thrilled with the results! Dr. Harikiran's skill and personal touch made the whole process smooth. He explained the whole process. How it's gonna be, aftercare etc. and I now have a nose that looks completely natural! I highly recommend him!


Mayuri Patil


Dimple Creation

If you're thinking of getting dimples, Dr. Harikiran is your go-to person. From the first chat to seeing my dimples for the first time, the experience was incredible. Dr. Harikiran, you've turned my dimple dreams into a reality, and I can't thank you enough!


Rahul Mohite


Hair Transplant Surgery

I can't thank Dr. Harikiran enough for the incredible transformation he brought to my life. 9 months ago, I was facing a severe hair fall!!! That's when I decided to trust Dr. Harikiran with my hair. The personalized approach he took, explaining every step of the hair transplant procedure, gave me the confidence I needed. My hair is back, and it's better than ever. Thanks alot Dr. Chekuri and the team!

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