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Plastic Surgeon Aesthetics And Plastic Surgeon

Academic Qualifications

  1. MBBS

    Patna Medical College, Patna


  2. MS - General Surgery

    M.G.M Medical College, Devi Ahliya University (Indore)


  3. MCh - Plastic Surgery

    Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University (IMS-BHU)



  1. Award Of Excellence in the field of plastic surgery by IMA, Delhi


  2. Best paper award at WOUND CON,Delhi


  3. Dudani V. Ahuja RB Nursing care of the Burned Patient Ind. Burns Vol.2, No.1 April


  4. Brachial plexus injury: Its Management-our clinical experience, APSICON


  5. Management of nerve-gaps: comparative study clinical and experimental study. 10th Annual Conference of Physiological Society of India in the year


  6. Heel-Transplantation (auto) in BIL leg injury APSICON-DELHI


  7. Foot defect: Fascial flap cover (new technique), APSICON, Pune



  1. Senior Plastic Surgeon

    Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Hospital

    1993 - 1997

  2. Senior Plastic Surgeon

    Fortis Hospital

    2004 - Present

  3. Consultant

    Sanjeevan Hospital

    1999 - 2004

  4. Consultant

    Anand Hospital

    1999 - 2004

  5. Consultant

    Pushpanjali Hospital

    1999 - 2004

  6. Consultant

    Lions Hospital

    1999 - 2004

  7. Consultant

    Sant Parmanand

    1999 - 2004

  8. Consultant

    Bharatwaj Hospital

    1999 - 2004

  9. Senior Consultant

    Kailash Hospital

    1999 - 2004

  10. Senior Consultant

    Max Hospital

    2008 - 2013

  11. Senior Plastic Surgeon

    Malik Radix Hospital

    1999 - Present


  1. Delhi Medical Council



Praveen kumar


Plastic Surgery

My right hand finger was crushed, therefore I contacted Dr. Vishwanath Dudani, a very good plastic surgeon. He treated my finger very nicely. Dr. only prescribes medications when necessary. He does not administer the patient a lot of medication. I was worried about how I would heal if he didn't administer the medication. but without medical attention, the wound has healed and is feeling better. Dr. Dudani, I'm extremely grateful.

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