Medicana International Ankara

Medicana International Ankara

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Söğütözü Cd. 2165. Sokak No: 6, Sogutozu/Ankara, Ankara Ankara 06520, 28 kms away from airport

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  • Associations & Accreditations:
    • Joint Commission International.
    • National Quality Approval.
  • Key differentiators:
    • Transitioned into a multi-specialty hospital in 2013, and became the first private hospital to establish several medical departments.
    • Regularly reviewed by external experts and several certificates are provided by the authorities to encourage & promote their initiative of providing quality services to the patients.
    • Additionally, the hospital conducts internal audits to monitor the quality of its services as well.
    • Patients get to participate in an internal patient survey, wherein their suggestions for further improvement are taken into account.
  • Technological advancements:
    • The hospital has a central sterile goods supply (CSSD) system, and advanced navigation, surgical, and monitoring systems.
    • They use the following modern means during treatments to achieve the best possible outcome: multislice CT, MR, PET, LINAC, Interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, intraoperative radiotherapy, and navigation devices.
  • Accommodations:
    • This hospital caters to its patients 24/7.
    • Foreign-speaking staff and translation services are provided to non-native speakers.
    • The outpatient center manages all patient appointments: Preliminary examinations, consultations, follow-ups, and control monitoring.
    • Most facilities are accessible to people who use wheelchairs.
    • All patient rooms have the following amenities: Bathroom, Showering facilities, TV, Telephone, meals on-demand, and Refrigerator.
    • There's a cafeteria that offers a wide range of cold and warm drinks regularly.
  • Departments & Sub-departments: Organ Transplantation; Nuclear Medicine; Oncology; Cardiovascular; Cardiology; Radiation; Neurology; Urology; Rheumatology; Pediatrics; General Medicine; General Surgery; Gastroenterology; Endocrinology; Neuro-Spine; Pulmonology; Surgical Oncology; Brain surgery; Visceral surgery; Gynecology; Ear, nose and throat (ENT); Hematology; Hemato-oncology; Nephrology; Neurosurgery; Orthopedics; Plastic surgery; Radiation oncology; Trauma surgery.
  • Other prominent centers:
    • Northern Africa.
    • Middle East.
    • Balkans.
    • Caucasus.

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