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Best Dermatology Hospitals in India

Altor Hospital

Altor Hospital

Bangalore, India

5 Doctors
80 Beds
2 Ambulances
60 Doctors
150 Beds
4 Doctors
200 Beds
3 Ambulances
Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Bangalore, India

74 Doctors
400 Beds
2 Ambulances
1 Doctor
45 Beds
8 Doctors
365 Beds
8 Ambulances
149 Doctors
140 Beds
1 Ambulance
Medanta-The Medicity

Medanta-The Medicity

Gurgaon, India

154 Doctors
1250 Beds
50 Ambulances
1 Doctor
30 Beds
3 Ambulances
6 Doctors
50 Beds
1 Ambulance

Every person's dream is to have clear, radiant skin. It improves your appearance and increases your self-esteem. Below are the best Dermatology hospitals that offer a wide range of diagnostics and therapies for a healthy complexion. The skilled approach of India's best dermatologists ensures that patients achieve better results and enjoy the gift of radiant skin. These hospitals provide patients with the most innovative and superior dermatology therapies and procedures, as well as high-quality and compassionate care.

So, these were the best dermatology hospitals in India. We hope that you found the relevant information. 


Dermatology is field of medicine which deals with all types of skin diseases. Because of high temperature and various geographic factors, the skin disease are very common in India. The most common types of skin diseases in India are:-  








Seborrheic dermatitis  

India has some best dermatology doctors and hospitals to treat various diseases. The  


Similar to India, Turkey is also an affordable country where efficient doctors perform all the surgeries and practice at the best hospitals in Turkey. click here if you want to explore dermatology hospitals in Turkey.

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Questions & Answers on "Dermatologyy" (328)

Why didn't cryotherapy work for my actinic keratosis?

Female | 31

Cryotherapy may not have been successful in treating your actinic keratosis due to the lesion's size, depth, or location.

Answered on 17th Nov'23

Dr. Anju Methil

Dr. Anju Methil

A few days ago I noticed a bump on my head and I thought I just hit my head. After a couple days it started to get a bit bigger and I noticed that it was a pimple on my scalp. I popped the pimple and removed all the pus and it started to bleed for a little bit but it shortly went away. I went to take a look at it today and I noticed a small circular bald spot about 1 cm in diameter where the pimple used to be. When touching the area with my hand I noticed that the hair in that area is really sensitive and can fall out if I rummage my hand through that area. Is this a concern or is this something normal?

Male | 21

A small circular bald spot on the scalp after popping a pimple is not uncommon, but if the area is sensitive and hair is falling out, please see a dermatologist to rule out infection or other underlying conditions.

Answered on 13th Oct'23

Dr. Anju Methil

Dr. Anju Methil

How many sessions and how much per session for whole body lazer skin whitening treatment

Female | 21

6 sessions 15 days apart

Answered on 17th Sept'23

Dr. Mithun Panchal

Dr. Mithun Panchal

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