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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does a Plastic Surgeon do? expand_more

    A Plastic surgeon specializes in performing reconstructive surgeries that reshape and mold the disfigurement caused by birth, accident, injury, burn, or diseases. Their work involves rebuilding the patient's face or bones to help them regain their natural appearance or to restore the functions of that particular body part.

  • What is the difference between Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery? expand_more
    • Cosmetic Surgery is a part of Plastic Surgery.
    • Cosmetic Surgery is performed to reshape normal structures of the body to improve appearance and beauty. On the other hand, Plastic surgery is performed for restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body.
  • What is the success rate of Plastic Surgery? expand_more

    The success rate of Plastic Surgery is over 95% normally. However, it might decrease due to the complications in a particular case.

  • How long does it take to recover from a Plastic Surgery? expand_more
    • In a normal scenario, a patient would take around 2 weeks to recover completely. Nevertheless, it can take a full year for the swelling, changes in skin sensation, and bruising of the skin to resolve.
  • Does a person's voice change after Plastic Surgery of the nose? expand_more
    • Yes, a person may notice a small change in their voice after Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery).
    • The reason is that our nose plays an important role in how we sound.
    • However, it is an uncommon issue and very few patients might notice such complications.

    If you wish to read more detailed information about Rhinoplasty, click here.

  • Does Plastic Surgery hurts or causes discomfort? expand_more

    The innovations in Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery techniques have significantly reduced the amount of pain experienced both during and after a Plastic Surgery. However, like any other surgical procedure, some amount of discomfort is inevitable.

  • Can I undergo multiple Plastic Surgeries at the same time? expand_more

    The answer would majorly depend on two factors -

    • Areas of the body that undergo the surgery 
    • Skill and experience of your Surgeon

    However, safety is always the top priority, that's why Plastic Surgeons can combine at least two surgeries as long as your health is good.

  • Does Plastic Surgery stay permanent? expand_more
    • Yes, Plastic Surgery stays permanent as it leaves no scars on the body. There a number of factors that determine how long the results will last. 
    • Nevertheless, this surgical procedure can give you years, if not decades of personal satisfaction.
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