Female to male (FTM) surgery cost in 2023

The female to male surgery is a transition surgery that people assigned female at birth (AMAB) undergo. In the wake of more transgender people coming forward with their identity, there is also an increase in the demand for FTM surgery. The female to male surgery cost has also become more reasonable given the rising need for it. This article gives a detailed description of what FTM top surgery and FTM bottom surgery costs are. It also discusses factors that affect these costs.

By Priyanka Dutta Deb

Updated on 23rd, Jan'23

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Most transgender men begin their gender affirmation path with HRT or hormone therapy and counseling. Apart from these two essential components, many transmen choose to have surgery to complete their transition.

According to a study, 94 percent of men who underwent FTM surgery for treating gender dysphoria and transgender body dysmorphia, were satisfied with the results, depending on their procedure type. It is reported that 3/4th of participants felt a better quality of life and more comfortable in their newly assigned bodies.


You must be eager to know where you can find a cost-effective female to male operation. Right? Let's check the cost of female to male gender assignment surgery across countries. 



Let's discuss all the procedures followed in female to male transgender surgery and their respective costs.


What does the FTM top surgery cost? 

In female to male top surgery, the upper body alterations are made to the patient. This primarily involves getting a mastectomy (breast removal). Depending on the chest size, you can get different breast removal surgeries.



Following this, the nipples are re-attached and final shaping is done to make the chest look more masculine. 

The FTM surgery cost, on average, is about USD 3800 to USD 5066.



For medium to a large chest

Double incision with nipple graft

USD 3000- USD 5000

Smaller chest

Periareolar surgery

USD 2000 – USD 2500

Extremely small chest

Keyhole surgery

USD 2000 – USD 2500



What is the list of FTM bottom surgeries and their costs?  

Transgender female to male bottom surgery includes the removal of the female reproductive organs and genitals. It is then replaced with the male genitals. Trans-bottom surgery in females to males includes hysterectomy, vaginectomy, and phalloplasty or metoidioplasty. 


You must be thinking about what these surgeries entail. Right? Let's know more about them in detail and their cost.

  • Hysterectomy is the process of removal of the uterus in female to male transitioning people. The procedure may involve the removal of the entire uterus or a part of it. The average cost of a hysterectomy is USD 865.


  • Vaginectomy is the procedure of removal of the vaginal canal and vaginal openings. These tissues are then used to remodel the male genitals. The average cost of vaginectomy for FTM transition is USD 759 to USD 1266. 


  • Phalloplasty involves the formation of a penis and urinary tract (to stand while urinating). In this procedure, your lower arm or thigh tissue is used. This is done in two stages. The cost of phalloplasty, on average, is USD 2533.


  • Metoidioplasty lengthens your existing genital tissue, transforming it into a defined phallus. This only requires one surgery. The cost of metoidioplasty is USD 1076.


What does the FTM Facial Masculinization Surgery Cost?


After reassigning the body, there are various surgical procedures to achieve a whole masculine look. Facial masculinization surgery is the alterations and cosmetic changes made to the face and throat to gain a more masculine appeal. These include:

  • Forehead Lengthening: Since female foreheads are generally shorter, increasing the distance between the brows and hairline can establish a more masculine appearance. This surgery costs around USD 1013 to USD 1139. 


  • Cheek implants: Cheek implants are placed between the bone and the facial skin during cheek augmentation to develop a more elongated and masculine shape. The cost of cheek implants in India begins at around USD 2200.

  • Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty involves the process of reshaping the nose to make it more comprehensive and give it larger openings. This gives a more masculine look. The cost of rhinoplasty in FTM surgery is USD 1076 on average. 


  • Jaw Contouring: Jaw contouring is an effective procedure for creating masculine facial proportions, increasing overall face width, and providing definition between the lower face and throat. The cost of this procedure is between USD 633 to USD 1899.



What does female to male hormone therapy cost?


Well, before we discuss the cost, let's get some light on what hormone therapy is in female to male surgery.

Female to male testosterone therapy is also known as T-therapy. This is a type of hormone therapy provided to FTM transitioning people. T-therapy is a treatment that promotes traditionally masculine physical characteristics while suppressing traditionally feminine ones. 



In T therapy, patients are given the hormone testosterone. This aids in the suppression of menstrual cycles and the reduction of oestrogen production. It can also result in physical changes like male-pattern hair growth and a deeper voice.

The cost of testosterone hormone therapy is USD 4 to USD 6 per consultation and USD 6 per session of hormone therapy. 


Factors affecting Female to Male Surgery Cost
  • Cost: The overall surgery cost can burden people financially, from the doctor’s fee to surgery fees. Due to the uniqueness of the surgery, the methods used and procedure duration may affect the cost.
  • Additional Charges: The hospital room rent and the stay until recovery can heavily impact the final bill amount. These charges are mostly not included in the package and must be planned. 
  • Insurance: Most insurance companies worldwide do not yet cover female-to-male transitioning costs. Policies are underway to include them. That said, a few selected companies may provide compensation.
  • Post-Surgery Care: The body needs a few weeks to settle into the new skin following the surgery. Medications and assistive care, if necessary, will cost extra apart from the surgery bill.
  • Medical Tourists: If people travel overseas for surgery, additional accommodation and food expenses will be incurred. Tourists need to plan well ahead, keeping these factors in mind. 





1.)What is the bottom surgery for female to male?

During the female to male transition surgery, the uterus and ovaries are usually removed. The surgeons perform phalloplasty surgery to lengthen the penis and urethra. The surgeons also remove the vagina and close the vaginal opening.


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