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Your Doctor's Guide to Effective Weight Loss Strategies

Are you worried about your increasing weight? Consult your doctor and know what they have to say regarding it.

  • Obesity Or Bariatric Surgery
By Aliya Anchan 29th Nov '23 8th Dec '23
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It is not wrong to say that weight gain has become a serious issue to deal with nowadays. But if you had visited your nutritionist to deal with the problem, then he/she would have ensured a good plan for you to lose fat within a certain timeframe.

Your doctor knows better what can better help you shed extra pounds. And this is why you should pay heed to their instructions and follow their plans.

Let us unveil the tactics that your doctor might ask you to follow up and lose kilos!

Plans For Balanced Portion Control For Sustainable Weight Loss

This is indeed a very important step to follow. Every doctor suggests you go by the following plans:

1. The Power of Moderation:

Your doctor never asks you to restrict your diet too much. They actually help you to customize a healthy diet plan that assists you to stay active and lose weight. In short, you just need to introduce a balance in your food intake products.

2. Plate Division:

Divide your plates wisely. As an example, fill half a plate with fresh vegetables, add a small portion of fresh red meat, and fill the remaining area with carbs. This technique will keep your stomach full while delivering less calories to the body.

3. Weight Loss Calculator Usage:

Mostly doctors ask you to use the tool that helps to estimate how many calories you need to eat to lose weight. By matching its estimations with the doctor's advice, you can better plan your fitness journey.

4. Mindful Eating:

Every doctor advises us to eat intelligently. The Weight loss game is not about eating less, it is more than that. You should know your body signals regarding stomach fullness. It gives you the opportunity to control excess food intake. Even with the help of a weight loss calculator, you get 2 zig-zag diet plans. This calculator online provides well-researched information regarding weight loss. 

This way, you can eat to your fill according to your own wish. The strategy is a key to saving pounds effectively.

5. Healthy Snacking:

Snacking wisely ensures rapid weight loss. And this is why doctors always ask you to decide intelligently about snacks. Eating veggies, protein, fats, and carbohydrates are good options. But remember everything must be consumed in definite proportion.

Physical Activity Maintenance For Healthy Weight:

Eating less and exercising properly is a key to healthy weight loss.

Your doctor will never tell you to run like an athlete or run like you are going to be a part of a race. A brisk walk is better. Your doctor always asks you to start slowly. Then, you can increase the intensity of your physical exercises.

If you want to enjoy practicing different workouts, then you should use a weight loss calculator. The tool suggests more than 800 exercises as per your weight loss plans. The more choices you make, the better it becomes for you to shed flab.

In short, you have to exercise like you enjoy doing it. This way, you will never get bored of your fitness routine.

  • Be Consistent:

Being stuck to anything surely gets it done one day. And the same is the case with weight loss journeys. Doctors always tell you to avoid intense level workouts. Rather they suggest you choose small sessions of multiple exercises. Doing that will keep your heart more healthy as well.

  • Try Strength Training:

At least practicing heavy workouts once or twice a week helps activate your body's metabolism. So whenever you consult with your doctor, always ask him/her to tell you a healthy workout plan.

  • Add Changes To Your Lifestyle:

Your doctor never says that you should go to the gym and start losing weight. Rather they will always suggest you take stairs instead of an elevator, walk on a daily basis for a fixed duration, and even dance while doing house cleaning tasks. Everything adds up to your weight loss efforts.

Weight Loss With The Simple Power of Staying Hydrated:

To balance your body hydration, your doctor might suggest you to:

1. Drink More Water:

Drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water helps activate metabolism. It further helps in proper digestion. Also, drinking more water keeps your stomach full all the time which reduces hunger for other foods. This way, you will intake less diet which will lead to successful weight shedding.

2. Never Drink Your Calories:

This is where doctors prohibit patients from drinking sugary beverages. They cause a lot of fat accumulation around your abdominal area which increases weight. This is why prefer fruit juices instead of artificially prepared beverages.

3. Focus On Your Body's Needs:

Thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger. This is why you should drink q glass of water before you eat snacks. You will surely be surprised by the results.

4. Before Meal Hydration:

Your doctors always ask you to drink at least one glass of water before eating meals. It helps control your appetite and you eat in balanced proportions.

Using a weight loss planner can be handy here. You can make a planner chart on which you can write down the daily water intake. 

Just schedule your habits and this is what all needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is It Okay To Stop Eating All Foods To Lose Weight?

Not at all! The best way is to moderate your diet intake. If you make a weight loss planner, you can enjoy your favorite foods and shed pounds.

  • How Fast Can I See Results With The Changes Mentioned Above?

Actually, weight loss is different for every other person. Aiming to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week is what doctors suggest. Simply put, long-term goals require consistency and patience to near results.

Weight Loss Habit

Tasks Need To Do!

Balanced Portion Control

On a daily basis, take 3-4 meals and 2-3 snacks

Physical Activity Maintenance

At least, most of the days of the week, get 30 minutes of moderate-intensity


Aim to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

Stress Management

Practice relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation.

Mindful Eating

Take time to savor your food and eat slowly.

Last Words:

Keep in mind that your doctor's advice to lose weight is what you need. They tell you a complete roadmap to get rid of extra weight. With that, you can also take advantage of the weight loss calculator to better plan your journey, visualize your calorie deficit, and achieve goals without any trouble.

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Question and Answers

Am 21 year old girl I need weight gain injection for a week

Female | 21

It is completely normal to want to increase weight; however, shots are not the solution. If you feel sick or unintentionally lose weight, seek medical advice immediately. Rapid loss of weight might be due to stress, sickness, or an underlying medical condition. The doctor will guide you on how to gain weight safely and healthily.

Answered on 13th June '24

Dr. Harsh Sheth

Dr. Harsh Sheth

I don't gaining weight ( really tired of myself) and I'm a footballer too...

Male | 20

If you feel tired and don’t see any increase on the scale, it could be that you’re not eating enough to fuel your body. You should eat more calories than the average person because of how much running around you do on the field. Make sure to have a lot of carbs, protein, and healthy fats in each meal so you get all the nutrients necessary for good performance. Consider creating a menu with a nutritionist that supports your energy needs.

Answered on 28th May '24

Dr. Harsh Sheth

Dr. Harsh Sheth

I gained weight in last few months and I also have swelling on my body .

Female | 21

Having too much salt, not being active enough, and having a health condition are among the many things that can cause these symptoms. To solve this problem, you should eat foods with less salt content, move around more often, and drink a lot of water. If the swelling persists then it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Answered on 27th May '24

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

Can you give me a diet plan that will get me fat constantly nonstop 24//7 cause I wanna be skinny no more

Male | 26

Constantly eating non-stop in a bid to gain weight may result in health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart complications. To ensure that you put on pounds in a healthy manner, ensure that you have balanced – protein, carbohydrates, and fats. To help you with this, a nutritionist can assist in coming up with such a diet plan for you.

Answered on 23rd May '24

Dr. Harsh Sheth

Dr. Harsh Sheth

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