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Chikungunya Test Price In India

Lowest Cost (approx) $6

Average Cost (approx) $14

Highest Cost (approx) $52

  • used for diagnosis of : for presence of IgG and IgM antibodies
  • procedure time : Less than 5 mins

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The chikungunya test detects any chikungunya virus antibodies that may be present in a person’s blood sample. If the blood test is positive, it means that the person has been infected with chikungunya at some point. The chikungunya test price in India starts from approximately $6. The test is not very expensive and can be done at a laboratory. You can also get the chikungunya test done at a government-run hospital.  

Cost in Top Cities

Cities Min Avg Max
Delhi $7 $15 $57
Ahmedabad $5 $13 $47
Bangalore $6 $15 $56
Mumbai $7 $16 $59
Pune $6 $14 $54
Chennai $6 $14 $51
Hyderabad $6 $13 $49
Kolkata $5 $12 $45

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What are the various types of chikungunya tests along with their Cost?

There are two types of chikungunya tests – qualitative and quantitative. 

  • A qualitative chikungunya test is used to determine the presence of chikungunya virus antibodies. It is a strip-based test that is quick and easy to perform. The qualitative chikungunya test usually costs around $6. 
  • A quantitative chikungunya test determines the amount of virus in the blood sample. The quantitative test is performed using a method called ELISA. The quantitative chikungunya test can cost up to $13. 

The chikungunya PCR test cost around $16-$35.

Factors affecting the chikungunya test price in India

The chikungunya test price in India can go up or down depending on several factors. These factors include – 

  • The type of test you choose 
  • The laboratory where you get the test done
  • The frequency of the test
  • The type of blood sample that you provide

The quantitative chikungunya test will cost you more than the qualitative chikungunya test. Usually, the blood sample provided should be around 8-10 ml in volume.  

Other Details

Why should you consider the chikungunya test in India?

  • Affordable: India can provide a treatment comparable to the world’s best hospitals at much lower costs.
  • World-class facilities: The top labs in India have developed best-in-class facilities to ensure clinical success.
  • Easy access to all major cities in India: Indian transportation system has provided convenient accessibility to travel within the major cities of India. One can remain at ease if the patient is needed to shift to another facility.

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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