Best Dentists in Istanbul

According to WHO, around 2 billion people across the globe suffer from dental diseases. Turkey avails top-notch facilities at reasonable prices and has a myriad of dental cosmetic procedures to improve the look & feel of your teeth.

Within Turkey, majorly Istanbul has risen to prominence for its dental care services, as it:

  • Deploys CE-certified equipment.
  • Has clinics with ISO 9001/2000 Quality Certifications.
  • Hires proficient and skilled practitioners.

For your convenience, we've assembled a list of the best dentists in Istanbul. 

Gamze's logo

Dr. Gamze Kavuncu

10 years of experience

Post graduation, Graduation

Periodontist Dentist Dental Surgeon

  • She holds membership in the Turkish Dental Association, Turkish Periodontology Association, and European Periodontology Association.
  • Her area of expertise includes Pyogenic Granuloma, Peripheral Ossifying, Fibroma Cervical, crown fractures, etc.
  • She is a leading Periodontist with many years of work experience.
Ozgun's logo

Dr. Ozgun Senyurt

19 years of experience


Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon Dentist Maxillofacial Surgery

  • He is a proficient and skilled professional.
  • His expertise lies in Oral, Dental, and Maxillofacial Surgery.
  • He completed his graduation from Istanbul University in 2004.
Can's logo

Dr. Can Metiner

9 years of experience

Post Graduation, Graduation

Prosthodontist Dentist

  • He is an experienced Prosthodontist based in turkey.
  • His areas of interest are Teeth Grinding, Tooth Crowding, Full Ceramic Restoration, Zirconia Supported Porcelain, etc.
  • He graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry and is fluent in German and English.
  • She has expertise in periodontology (gum diseases).
  • She is a member of the Turkish Orthodontic Association; The American Orthodontic Association; The European Orthodontic Association.
  • She aims to provide the finest medical service to patients.
Abdulsamet's logo

Dr. Abdulsamet Kundakcioglu

12 years of experience


Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon Dentist Maxillofacial Surgery

  • He is a leading Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in Istanbul.
  • He has expertise in Jaw Aesthetics, Veneers, Dental Implant Surgery, Oral Surgery, etc.
  • He is fluent in English, French, and Turkish.
  • He is a well-known pediatric dentist.
  • He is associated with the Turkish Dental Association and the Turkish Pedodontics Association.
  • His special interests are primary tooth endodontic treatments, aesthetic tooth restorations, and more.
  • His area of expertise includes Periodontology, tooth implants, dental crowns, etc.
  • He completed his specialization at Yuzuncu Yil University.
  • He is a top Periodontist in Istanbul.
Can's logo

Dr. Can Tokman

26 years of experience


Implantologist Orthodontist Prosthodontist Dentist

  • He is one of the leading Dentists in Istanbul.
  • His area of expertise includes oral cancers, root canal treatment, filling treatment, etc.
  • He studied from Hacettepe Faculty Of Dentistry.
Zekai's logo

Dr. Zekai Yaman

34 years of experience

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon Dentist

  • His articles have surfaced in many national and international journals, and he attended workshops and seminars to enhance his clinical abilities.
  • He is a leading Dentist and a top oral & maxillofacial surgeon.
  • His medical interest is Maxillofacial Surgery and Oral Functions.
Ali's logo

Dr. Ali Can Yeni

10 years of experience


Prosthodontist Dentist

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Botox
  • Bps Dentures Fixing
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Metal Braces Fixing
  • Bone Grafting For Dental Implants
  • Dental Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

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What can one expect from a dentist during their appointment in India?

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Mentioned below are the different aspects that the field of dentistry covers:

  • Cosmetic dentistry:  Procedures falling within this subset focus on improving the appearance of your teeth. They also enhance your smile.
  • Endodontics: This branch studies & cures issues pertaining to the dental pulp as well as surrounding tissues.
  • Geriatric dentistry:  This branch of dentistry caters to the needs of the aging population.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery (oral surgery): This branch is concerned with removal, implantation, and treatments of the jaws, mouth, as well as face.
  • Orthodontics: This domain has multiple procedures to achieve straightened teeth, modify the midface, and control mandibular growth.
  • Periodontology: This branch is concerned with treating diseases that have the potential to destroy gums and supporting structures around teeth.
  • Prosthodontics: This branch presents various solutions to replace lost/decaying teeth.
  • Scaling and root planing: This branch is concerned with techniques that remove plaque and smoothen the exposed root surface.

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