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Dr. Amod Dwivedi

21 years of experience

MCh - Urology || MS - General Surgery || MBBS

Dr. Amod Dwivedi is a reputed Bladder Stones Specialist, Female Pelvic And Reconstructive Surgeon, Sexologist, Infertility Specialist, Gynecologist, Nephrologist/Renal Specialist, General Surgeon, Pediatric Urologist And Reconstruction Surgeon, Urological Surgeon, Kidney And Transplantation Specialist, Urologist, Urogynecologist, Sexual And Reproductive Health Specialist, Pediatric Urologist and Female Urologist in Kanpur with over 21 years of experience. He has been bestowed with 28. Contorversies In Uro-Oncology : In Kgmc, Lucknow At 2Nd April 2015 - 2015 award, 29. Inernational Laproscopic Urology Workshop In Sgpgi, Lucknow, 3Rd-5Th April 2015 - 2015 award, 30. Urethroplasty Workshop In Kanpur At 27-28 June 2015 - 2015 award, 20. Master Classes In Urology, Cmc Vellore, May 2012. - 2014 award, 26. Up-Usicon Lucknow, Sgpgi. Dec 2014 - 2014 award, 27. International Paediatric Urology Workshop In Sgpgi Lucknow, Feb 2014 - 2014 award, 25. NZ-USICON at Chandigarh in Nov 2013 - 2013 award, Awarded Olympus -International Travel Fellowship By Urological Society Of India At Usicon 2013 In Pune. - 2012 award, 10. Work Shop On Holep At Csmmu, (Chief Guestsurgeon: Dr Anshuman Agrawal) - 2012 award, 11. Work Shop On Tvt And Tot (Chief Guest Surgeon: Dr Sanjay Gugoi) - 2012 award, 14. Usicon 2012, Bangalore. - 2012 award, 15. Vetticutti Robotics Workshops With Hands On Training, January 2012, New Delhi. - 2012 award, 16. Work Shop In Metalic Stents And Rirs At Department Of Urology Csmmu (Chief Guest Surgeon: Prof Ravi Kulkarni, Uk. - 2012 award, 17. Cue On Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma At Csmmu - 2012 award, 18. Usi Urology Mock Test 2012 April, Sgpgi, Lucknow. - 2012 award, 19. 2 Week Observership In Renal Transplant At Sgpgi On May 2012 - 2012 award, 24. Usicon 2014 At New Delhi Jan 2014 - 2012 award, 8. Usicon 2011: 21St-24Th January 2011, Kolkata. - 2011 award, 9. Live Operative Workshop On Stricture Urethra And Men’S Health Symposium.: 13-14 August 2011, New Delhi. - 2011 award, 12. Cubist/Pra Investigators’ Meeting For Multicentre, Double Blind, Randomized Trial Of Cxa-201,Held At Cape Town, South Africa On 1St October 2011. - 2011 award, 13. Nz-Usicon 2011: 8Th-10Th October, 2011, Shimla. - 2011 award, 7. Robotic Urological Surgery Workshop: 4Th -5Th December, 2010, New Delhi. - 2010 award, 4. International Symposium, Workshop And Hands-On Training On Diseases Of Prostate Gland. 3-4Th April 2009;Aiims, New Delhi - 2009 award, 5. Nz-Usicon 2009: 2Nd-4Th October 2009,Amritsar - 2009 award, 2. Endosurg 2008 (International Minimal Access Surgery Conference By Society Of Endoscopic And Laparoscopic Surgeons Of India) 27Th -30Th March 2008, Aiims, New Delhi. - 2008 award, 3. 9Th Asian Congress Of Urology, 2Nd -5Th October, 2008,New Delhi - 2008 award, 6. Uro-Oncology Work Shop, November 2010, Rajeev Gandhi Cancer Institute And Rml Hospital, New Delhi. - 2008 award, 1. Simulated Training Programme On Laparoscopic Solid Organ Surgery By Ethicon Institute Of Surgical Education, New Delhi On 14Th -15Th October 2006. - 2006 award, 21. Baus, Glasgow, Uk June 2012. - award, 22. Nz-Usicon 2012 At Jammu In Nov 2012 - award, 23. Usicon 2013 At Pune In Jan 2013 - award, Articles Published In Journals: - award, 1. Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Rohit Kathpalia, Rahul Yadav, Divaker Dalela, Apul Goel, Sn Sankhwar. Catheter Controlled Dilatation Of Suprapubic Tract: A Novel Technique For Antegrade Access To Bladder. J. Endourology (Videourology) Accepted In Nov 2012 - award, 2. Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Apul Goel, Sn Shankhwar. Human Alpha-Lactalbumin Made Lethal To Tumors: Can It Be A New Intravesical Therapy For Bladder Cancer? Indian J Urol 2010; 26(3):464. - award, 3. Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Vengetsh K Sengottayan, Apul Goel. A Minimally Invasive Non-Thermal Ablative Modality For Prostate: Histotripsy. What Every Urologist Needs To Know. Indian J Urol 2010; 26(3):465-6. - award, 4. Apul Goel, Vengetsh K Sengottayan, Amod Kumar Dwivedi. Mechanical Suction: An Effective And Safe Method To Remove Large And Tenacious Clots From The Urinary Bladder. Urology(Gold) 2011;77: 494–6. - award, 5. Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Vishwajeet Singh, Rahul J Sinha. Retrovesical Benign Cystic Teratoma: A Rarity. Global Journal Of Surgery. 2011;2: 148-150 - award, 6. Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Vengetsh K Sengottayan, Apul Goel. Prostate Cancer Vaccine: A New Paradigm For Prostate Cancer Treatment. Indian J Urol.2011;27(1):148:149 - award, 7. Deepak S.Nagathan, Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Apul Goel. Magnets In Stone Extraction: Fact Or Fiction? Indian J Urol 2011;27(3):429-30. - award, 8. Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Rahul Yadav, Apul Goel. “Bonn Risk Index”: The Best Predictor Of Calcium Oxalate Lithogenic Potential In Paediatric Age. Accepted For Jan-March 2011 Issue In Indian J Urology. - award, 9. Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Deepak S Nagathan, Apul Goel: Lymph Node Dissection During Radical Nephrectomy For Clinically Node Negative, Non-Metastatic Clear Cell Carcinoma: Indication And Extent. Indian J Urol 2011;27(2):297-298. - award, 10. Amod Kumar Dwivedi, Apul Goel, Soni Singh: Massive Urethral Diverticulum: A Complication Of Condom Catheter Use. Brtish J Nursing 2012:21(9):S20-S22. - award, 11. Singh V., Sinha R.J., Sankhwar S.N., Ahmed N., Dwivedi A., Goyal N.K., Kumar V. Enterovesical Fistula Due To Crohn,S Disease: A Rare Entity. Indian J. Urology 2011 27 S (1) S52 S53. - award, 12. Ahmed N., Singh V., Sinha R.J., Sankhwar S.N., Dwivedi A., Sengottayan V.K., Kumar V. Laparoscopic Management Of Retrocaval Ureter – Our Experience Indian J. Urology 2011 27 S (1) S52 S53 - award, 13. Rahul Yadav, Divakar Dalela, Apul Goel, Satya N. Sankhwar, Neeraj K. Goyal , Amod K. Dwivedi and Deepak S. Nagathan. Anterior Vesical Hitch : A Step To Enhance Safety Of Percutaneous Access To Bladder. Journal Of Pediatric Urology 2012. - award. He has pursued his MCh - Urology from King Georges Medical College, Lucknow University in 2012, MS - General Surgery from POSTGRADUATE INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL EDUCATION AND RESEARCH, CHANDIGARH in 2006, MBBS from L.P.S Institute of Cardiology, G.S.V.M Medical College and Kanpur in 2000. He currently practices at Dr Amod Uro-Gynae Center in Kakadeo(Kanpur). He holds membership of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Urological Society of India (USI), UP Chapter USI, North Zone USI and Kanpur Urology/ Nephrology Association.

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Dr. Amod Dwivedi is registered as a Medical Practitioner at Uttar Pradesh Medical Council since 2001. Registration Number - 044899

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Dr Amod Uro-Gynae Center

Kakadeo, Kanpur

117/1093, M - Block, Near Namak Factory Chauraha


6pm - 8pm


10am - 2pm

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₹ 500 Approx.

Services (9)

Prostate Laser Surgery
Prostate Laser Surgery Is Used To Relieve Moderate To Severe Urinary Symptoms Caused By An Enlarged Prostate, A Condition Known As Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (Bph).

Open Prostatectomy
Open Prostatectomy Is The Surgical Removal Of The Prostate Gland. It Is Done Under A General Or Spinal Anesthetic.

Minimally Invasive Urology
Minimally Invasive Urology Surgery Is A Type Of Surgery Where A Small Incision Is Made To Correct The Urological Issues Like Kidney Stone Disease, Bladder And Prostate Cancer.

Lithotripsy Is A Medical Procedure That Uses Shock Waves Or A Laser To Break Down Stones In The Kidney, Gallbladder, Or Ureter.

Laparoscopic Surgery
Laparoscopy Is A Minimally Invasive Surgical Diagnostic Procedure Designed To Examine The Organs Inside The Abdomen By Operating With Small Incisions.

Reconstructive Urology
It Is Surgery That Is Use To Repair Urological Disorder And Diseases In Upper And Lower Urinary Tract And Some Reproductive Organ.

Kidney Stone Treatment
Depending On The Size Of The Kidney Stone, What It Is Made Of, Whether It Is Causing Pain And Whether It Is Blocking Your Urinary Tract, The Treatment For Kidney Stone Is Decided.

Cystoscopy is a procedure that allowing your doctor to examine the lining of your bladder as well as the tube that carries urine out of your body (urethra).

Laparoscopic Nephrectomy

Field of Expertise (15)

Bladder Stones Specialist

Female Pelvic And Reconstructive Surgeon


Infertility Specialist


Nephrologist/Renal Specialist

General Surgeon

Pediatric Urologist And Reconstruction Surgeon

Urological Surgeon

Kidney And Transplantation Specialist



Sexual And Reproductive Health Specialist

Pediatric Urologist

Female Urologist

Academic Qualifications (3)

  • MCh - Urology

    King Georges Medical College, Lucknow University


  • MS - General Surgery



  • MBBS

    L.P.S Institute of Cardiology, G.S.V.M Medical College, Kanpur


Experience (9)

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  • Senior Consultant Urology

    Pushpanjali Hospital And Research Centre

    2013 - 2013

  • Full Time Consultant Urology

    Columbia Asia Hospital

    2012 - 2013

  • Senior Resident Urology

    King George Medical University

    2009 - 2012

  • Senior Resident Surgery

    Charak Palika Hospital, MotiBagh

    2008 - 2009

Accomplishments (45)

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  • 28. Contorversies In Uro-Oncology : In Kgmc, Lucknow At 2Nd April 2015


  • 29. Inernational Laproscopic Urology Workshop In Sgpgi, Lucknow, 3Rd-5Th April 2015


  • 30. Urethroplasty Workshop In Kanpur At 27-28 June 2015


  • 20. Master Classes In Urology, Cmc Vellore, May 2012.


Memberships (5)

  • Indian Medical Association (IMA)
  • Urological Society of India (USI)
  • UP Chapter USI
  • North Zone USI
  • Kanpur Urology/ Nephrology Association