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Answers by Dr. Deep Chakraborty

Hi, my mother has Osteoarthritis and thus she suffers from chronic knee pain. Just wanted to know how effective stem cell therapy may be in her case. I also have a few doubts listed below: What are the benefits of stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis (if any)? What is the down-time after the procedure? My mother is a teacher and doesn't have the provision to take too many leaves. How much a procedure like this likely to cost?

Answered on 20th Sept'23

Stem cell therapy is reserved for only early arthritis. Severe arthritis would not benefit.

Male | 44

Can foot drop be treated without undergoing surgery?

Answered on 20th Sept'23

If already 9 months have passed after the incident,, then perhaps surgery is the only way ahead

What to expect 5 months after knee replacement?

Answered on 20th Sept'23

U should have a stable knee,,, have the confidence to climb and decent stairs independently,, and depending on the profile of the pt,, achieve knee bending from 100 to 140 degrees

Male | 23

My brother is 23 years old and he suffered from covid before 9 months and he had pain in hip joint and legs so we did mri and the reports said AVN in hip joint 2-3 stage so they suggested surgery to drill in bone to start the blood flow as before . I want to know the percentage of success and how operation will take place

Answered on 20th Sept'23

We are doing some thing new,,, it's called BMAC , stem cell injection in diseased part of the hip joint. It has huge success rate. Our advice is to try it before any joint replacement is thought of
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Academic Qualifications

  1. MS - Orthopedics

    Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences


  2. MBBS

    Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences


  3. FICS(USA) - orthopaedic

    international college of surgeons


  4. Fellowship in knee and hip joint reconstruction - orthopaedics

    bellevue hospital


  5. fellowship in sport medicine - orthopaedics

    deenanath mangeshkar hospital , pune



  1. unit head

    ESI sealdah

    2017 - 2023

  2. consultant joint replacement and sport injury specialist

    narayana hospital barasat

    2022 - 2023

  3. consultant orthopaedic surgeon

    AMRI salt lake

    2022 - 2023

  4. consultant joint replacement surgeon

    Bellevue clinic

    2019 - 2023


  1. AO Trauma Foundation


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