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Answers by Dr. Donald John Babu

Female | 72

In December I had a ct scan for stomach as well as an exrsy for chest ..January got an exray for suspected broken arm . This month February I want to have a mammogram. Is it safe after all the radiation

Answered on 14th Feb '24

Hello doctor, just 2 weeks ago, my father was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. I want to know if Immunotherapy can treat his Pancreatic Cancer or not? I had read somewhere that immunotherapy is capable of treating anyone without much pain and side effects.

Answered on 10th Feb '24

There are some cancers in which immunotherapy has shown potential but its efficacy against pancreatic cancer is not uniform. As immunotherapy can be considered a less aggressive treatment compared to traditional approaches such as chemotherapy, it still carries some of the risks associated with it. The use of immunotherapy should be discussed with a pancreatic cancer specialist oncologist. Using the stage of cancer, genetic makeup, and general health status they can determine whether immunotherapy applies to your father’s case. 

My sister has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer (started with tumor in rectum- polyps acrood colon and now we just the scans done and it has spread in pancreas, bones etc. I'm ready to go anywhere to get her treated. PLEASE HELP!!

Answered on 10th Feb '24

Many renowned hospitals in India provide integrated cancer treatment. Some top institutions include:
Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai: Famous for cancer care and innovative treatment and research.
All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi: A leading institute offering specialized cancer treatment.
Apollo Hospitals, Chennai: Cancer-ready, top oncologists.
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi: Cancer treatment and research specialists.
Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore: Offers comprehensive cancer care services.
Artemis Hospitals, Gurgaon: Known for advanced cancer treatments.
The oncologist’s consultation will determine your course, given the peculiarities of your sister’s case.

My grandfather suffering from Esophageal cancer and his age is 68 years, so what is the possible treatment for this, and which is the best caring hospital in Chennai?

Answered on 10th Feb '24

The treatment of esophageal cancer depends upon several factors stage, fitness level, and type. Treatment modalities can be surgical intervention, chemotherapy, and/ or radiation therapy. In Chennai, prominent hospitals such as Apollo Hospitals, MIOT International, or Cancer Institute (WIA) are options for advanced treatment. Consulting an oncologist is essential to evaluate your grandfather’s condition and determine the optimal treatment plan that addresses his requirements.

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  1. MBBS

    Government Medical College, Miraj


  2. MS - General Surgery

    King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College


  3. FCPS - General Surgery

    King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College


  4. MCh - Surgical Oncology

    Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai


  5. FMAS

    The Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India


  6. Certificate of Membership in IAGES



  7. MRCS (UK)

    Edinburgh, U.K


  8. FICS - General Surgery



  9. FAIS

    The Association of Surgeons of India


  10. FICS - Surgical Oncology

    European Board of Surgical Oncology


  11. FALS




  1. Gold Medalist - Fellowship in European Board of Surgical Oncology


  2. Gold Medal - Fellow in European Board of Surgical Oncology



  1. Specialist Senior Registrar

    Tata Cancer Hospital

    2015 - 2016

  2. Assistant Medical Officer

    Shatabdi Hospital

    2011 - 2012


  1. Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)

  2. ICS - International Collegium of Surgeons



Arjun patel



Dr. Donald Babu is a lifesaver! I was diagnosed with leukemia, and Dr. Babu provided exceptional care. His experience approach made a scary situation much easier to handle. He patiently explained the treatment options and answered all our questions, ensuring we understood everything. care and attention to detail made a difference in my journey to recovery. we grateful to meet dr donald .


Sneha Rao


Thyroid Cancer

"Dr. Donald John Babu is an exceptional oncologist for Thyroid Cancer and his treatment was really effective. He explains the complex stuff in a way that makes it easy to understand. "


Neema Karthi


Stomach Cancer Treatment

Dr. Donald Babu is an amezing docter! He helped my aunt, Mrs. Priya Karthi, 55, with her stomach cancer treatment. His care and treatment were very good and effective. He explain things nicely and support our family in this tough time

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