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Answers by Dr. Upasna Saxena

Hello, my aunt was diagnosed with a brain tumor after a bad fall on December 31st. We were advised that surgery would be impossible due to her age and other considerations and she would be unable to undergo chemo, therefore she will be treated solely with steroids. We are not sure about this hence would like to go for a second opinion. She has diabetes also. We are from Kolkata.

Answered on 11th May '22

To give opinion about appropriate treatment for your aunt, you need to physically consult an oncologist, show the MRI report and films and then he will be able to give opinion. Along with steroids, depending on tumor location, she might also need anti epilepsy medicines 

Female | 22

Hello im 22 years old girl....I have one side nipple (tit) dryness problem .... why it's so?

Answered on 4th May '22

This can be due to multiple reasons. Would need to be checked in OPD.

Female | 22

Hello ..i have one side nipple dryness problem....and this problem started from 4to5 days before ...why it's so?

Answered on 4th May '22

This can be due to multiple reasons. Would need to be checked in OPD


Female | 54

How i knew i had uterine cancer?

Answered on 5th May '22

  • Uterine cancer most commonly presents with bleeding ( heavy bleeding during periods, erratic bleeding on and off or continuously, spotting). 
  • Sometimes there might be only discharge, or only ultrasound report showing some changes.
  • These are most common starting signals. Rarely it may present with unusual symptoms.
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Academic Qualifications

  1. MBBS

    Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal


  2. MD - Radiotherapy

    Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College, Jabalpur



  1. Outstanding performance in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital


  2. Gold Medalist in MBBS (Anatomy)



  1. Attending Consultant

    Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital

    2011 - 2016

  2. Resident and Senior Resident

    NSCB Medical College

    2007 - 2011

  3. Consultant Radiation Oncologist

    AIMS Hospital

    2016 - 2017


  1. AROI


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