Dr. Vikas Kumar Verma

Dr. Vikas Kumar Verma

19 years of experience

MCh - Plastic Surgery || MRCS (UK) || MS - General Surgery || MBBS

Dr. Vikas Kumar Verma is one of the most esteemed Hair Transplant Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai.He holds an experience of 19 years in medical field. He has been been honored with Awarded as Best Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai at the Global Healthcare Awards - 2014 award and Gold Medalist in Plastic Sugery - 2010 award. He has completed his MCh - Plastic Surgery from Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Hospital, Mumbai in 2010, MRCS (UK) from Royal College Of Surgeons, England in 2008, MS - General Surgery from MGM Institute of Health Science, Bombay in 2005, MBBS from Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER) and Puducherry in 2001. He carries his medicinal practice at Apex Superspeciality Hospitals in Borivali West(Mumbai), Sparkle Cosmetic Clinic Andheri West in Andheri West(Mumbai), Body Aesthetix in Andheri West(Mumbai) and Sparkle Cosmetic Clinic in Mira Road(Mumbai). He is a respected member of Association of plastic surgeons of India, Indian Medical Association (IMA), Bhayander Medical Association and Member of Royal College of Surgeons.

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Dr. Vikas Kumar Verma is registered as a Medical Practitioner at Maharashtra Medical Council since 2011. Registration Number - 2011051182

Apex Superspeciality Hospitals

Borivali West, Mumbai

Babhai Naka, Next to fish market & punjab & sindh bank, L T road, Borivali West,


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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₹ 800

Sparkle Cosmetic Clinic Andheri West

Andheri West, Mumbai

21/22 , 1st Floor, A Wing, Doctors Corner, Sitala Devi CHS, Opp Indian Oil Colony, Andheri West , Mumbai - 400053,

Available on call

₹ 500

Body Aesthetix

Andheri West, Mumbai

Sai Dwar, Vastu Lane, Oberoi Raviraj Complex,

Available on call

₹ 1000

Sparkle Cosmetic Clinic

Mira Road, Mumbai

Chandan Valley Building, 3rd Floor, C-Wing, Mira Bhayandar Road,

Available on call

₹ 500

Services (83)

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Vaginoplasty Is A Surgical Procedure That Results In The Construction Or Reconstruction Of The Vagina That's Become Slack Or Loose From Vaginal Childbirth Or Aging.

Vagina Surgery
Vaginoplasty Is A Procedure That Aims To "tighten Up" A Vagina That's Become Slack Or Loose From Vaginal Childbirth Or Aging.

Tummy Tuck
Tummy Tuck Or Abdominoplasty Is A Cosmetic Surgical Procedure That Helps Flatten The Abdomen By Removing Excess Fat And Skin. It Also Tightens The Muscle.

Anti Aging Treatment
Treatments Which Are Done To Make Cosmetic Changes To Make A Person Look Younger.

Lipodissolve Injection
This Procedure Helps In Melting Or Reducing Fat Deposits By Infusing Drugs Through Injection.

Dimple Creation
This Is Done To Create A Small Indentation On The Cheek.

Skin Rash Treatment
The treatment of rashes by creams, oral medication and mousturizing lotions.

Skin Tag Surgical Removal
The removal of skin tags by surgery and electrosurgery.

Back Liposuction
The Fat Is Sucked Out From The Back Through This Procedure.

Skin Peeling
Peeling skin is most commonly a sign of damage to the upper layer of your skin

Otoplasty, Also Known As Cosmetic Ear Surgery, Is A Procedure To Change The Shape, Position Or Size Of The Ears.

Ocular Plastic Surgery
Occular Plastic Surgery deals with the reconstruction of the eye and associated structures.

Nose Reshaping
Nose Reshaping is a plastic surgery procedure for correcting and reconstructing the nose.

Muscle Relaxing Injections
Muscle Relaxing Injections Are Used To Treat Muscle Contraction And Facial Twitch In Adults And Children. It Is Also Used To Treat Facial Lines And Wrinkles.

Mucogingival Surgery
Mucogingival Surgery Is A Type Of Plastic Surgery For Preserving The Attached Gums (Gingiva), And To Remove The Muscles Attachment.

Mole Removal
Mole Removal Is A Surgical Procedure Where The Doctor Removes Unwanted Moles.

Mesotherapy Is A Technique That Uses Injections Of Vitamins, Enzymes, Hormones, And Plant Extracts To Rejuvenate And Tighten Skin, As Well As Remove Excess Fat.

Mesolipolysis That Targets The Fat Reduction, Body Sculpting And Cellulite Busting.

Mesoglow Is A Treatment For The Face Where Amino Acids Are Injected In Specific Areas That Will Result In Facial Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening.

Lower Body Lift
Lower body lift is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin from the outer thighs and buttocks.

Liposuction Is A Type Of Cosmetic Surgery That Breaks Up And Sucks Fat From The Body.

Lip Augmentation
Lip Augmentation Is A Cosmetic Procedure That Changes The Appearance Of The Lips By Enlarging Them Using Fillers.

Leucoderma Treatment
Leucoderma Can Be Treated By Medications Including Creams, Light Therapy And Surgery.

Laser Resurfacing
Laser Resurfacing Is A Treatment That Uses Laser To Reduce Facial Wrinkles And Skin Irregularities, Such As Blemishes Or Acne Scars.

Labiaplasty Is A Plastic Surgery Procedure For Altering The Labia Minora And The Labia Majora, The Folds Of Skin Surrounding The Vulva, External Genitalia Of A Woman.

Hand Rejuvenation
It is nothing but a procedure of making your hand look young.

Rejuvenation And Hair Restoration
It Is Basically Hair Loss Treatment.

Revlite Laser
It is a treatment that is used to remove scars, acne spots, sun tan etc.

Thigh Liposuction
It Is A Surgical Procedure That Uses A Suction Technique To Remove Fat From Thighs.

Corn Removal
In This Procedure, The Doctor Will Remove The Corn (A Hardened Layer Of Skin Which Develops When Your Skin Tries To Protect Itself Against Friction And Pressure) By Performing Minor Surgery.

Hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction surgery is the temporary surgical restoration of the hymen.

Hair Transplant Surgery
Hair transplant surgery is done by removing the hair follicles from the donor side and then it is implanted in the recipient area.

Functional Face Aesthetics
Functional Face Aesthetics Is A Term For Specialities That Focus On Improving Cosmetic Appearance Through The Treatment Of Conditions Including Scars, Skin Laxity, Wrinkles, Moles, Liver Spots, Excess Fat, Cellulite, Unwanted Hair, Skin Discolouration, And Spider Veins.

Fue Stitch Less
Fue Stich Less Includes The Hair Roots (Follicular Units) Are Individually Harvested One By One From The Donor Area By A Micro Punch Device Of 0.75 To 1 Mm Size.

Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing
Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing is used to remove layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method to help reduce age-spot, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven colouration, skin laxity, textural irregularities, dull tone, and a thinned collagen layer of the face, neck, and chest.

Fillers are used in helping to restore lost fullness to the face, lips, and hands and give it a youthful appearance.

Facial Aesthetics
Facial aesthetics is a cosmetic surgery used to remove wrinkles and enhance your natural beauty as well as rejuvenate your skin.

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid surgery (also called an eye lift or blepharoplasty), reduces bagginess from lower eyelids and removes excess skin from the upper eyelids

Double Chin Treatment
Double Chin treatment refers to opting For Invasive Procedures To Fix Double Chin.

Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery Is A Type Of Plastic Surgery, A Surgical Procedure Involving The Restoration, Reconstruction, Or Alteration Of The Human Body.

Cleft Lip And Palate
Cleft lip and cleft palate are openings or split in the upper lip, the roof of the mouth (palate) or both.

Cheek Augmentation
Cheek Augmentation Is Intended To Enhance The Cheeks On A Person's Face.

Calf Liposuction
Calf Liposuction Is A Cosmetic Surgical Procedure That Aims To Reduce The Size And Improve The Contour Of The Calves By Suctioning Out Excess Fat Build-Up.

Calf Implant
Calf Implants Are Silicone-Based Implants That Are Surgically Inserted Into Your Calves.

Buttock Liposuction
Buttocks Liposuction Reduces The Buttock Size With Liposuction Surgery.

Buttock Implant
Buttock Implants Are Silicone-Filled Devices That Are Surgically Placed Deep Within The Tissues Of The Buttock.

Botox Injections
Botox Injections Are Used To Counter Wrinkles.

Hair Regrowth
After your hair transplant surgery the implanted grafts will fall off and you will notice hair regrowth in 8 to 10 months.

Acell Matrix Hair Transplantation
Acell Matrix In Addition To Hair Transplant Surgery Which Will Trigger The Healing And Regeneration.

Abdominoplasty Is A Cosmetic Surgery Used To Remove The Excess Fat And Skin From The Stomach To Make It Look More Flatten And Smooth.

A nose job (technically called a rhinoplasty) is surgery on the nose to change its shape or improve its function.

A graft is a piece of healthy skin which is implanted on a damaged part of your body by a medical operation.

Chemical Peel
A Chemical Peel Is A Technique Used To Improve And Smooth The Texture Of The Skin. It Is Intended To Remove The Outermost Layers Of The Skin.

Breast Implant
A Breast Implant Is A Prosthesis Used To Change The Size, Shape, And Contour Of A Person's Breast.

Face Transplant Mesobotox Facial Plastic Surgery Breast Enhancement Care Face Lift Body Contouring Ultralipo Microvascular Surgery Breast Reduction Non Surgical Eye Lift Breast Reconstruction Body Contouring Surgery Breast Lift Injectable Fillers Burns Blepharoplasty Brazilian Butt Lift Liposculpture Reconstructive Surgery Children Reconstructive Surgery Vaginal Laser Therapy Biofibre Hair Implant Scalp Reduction Buttock Augmentation Fue Scar Less Method Tucking Cheek Implant Hand Surgery Plastic Surgery

Field of Expertise (2)

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graduation Academic Qualifications (4) View more View less

  • Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Hospital, Mumbai

    MCh - Plastic Surgery


  • Royal College Of Surgeons, England

    MRCS (UK)


  • MGM Institute of Health Science, Bombay

    MS - General Surgery


  • Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Puducherry



trophy Accomplishments (2) View more View less

  • Awarded as Best Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai at the Global Healthcare Awards


  • Gold Medalist in Plastic Sugery


mountain Experience (4) View more View less

  • Plastic Surgery Resident

    Sir JJ Group of Hospitals

    2007 - 2010

  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon

    Alorf Hospital, Kuwait

    2010 - 2011

  • Consultant Plastic Surgeon

    Wockhardt Hospital

    2011 - 2015


    ESTHETIQUE Clinic, Mira Road and Andheri

    2011 - 2015

identity-card Memberships (4) View more View less

  • Association of plastic surgeons of India
  • Indian Medical Association (IMA)
  • Bhayander Medical Association
  • Member of Royal College of Surgeons