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Dr. Zankhana Mohile

10 years of experience

MDS - Prosthodontics || BDS

Dr. Zankhana Mohile is a highly skilled Dentist, Implantologist and Prosthodontist in Mumbai. She holds an experience of 10 years in medical field. For her contribution in the medical field she has been awarded Best Scientific Paper- All India (Indian Prosthodontic Society, 16th PG Convention, Visakhapatnam) - 2014 award, Best Poster Award - All India (AFMC National Dental Conference, Pune) - 2014 award, Best Table Clinic - All India (42nd Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference and Chandigarh) - 2014 award. She has done her MDS - Prosthodontics from Sinhgad Dental College Hospital in 2016 and BDS from Maharashtra Universtity of Health Sciences, Nashik in 2011. She currently consults at Mohile Dental Clinic in Kandivali West(Mumbai). She is a honorable member of Indian Prosthodontic Society and Indian Dental Association.

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Dr. Zankhana Mohile is registered as a Medical Practitioner at Maharashtra State Dental Council since 2012. Registration Number - A-22991

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Mohile Dental Clinic

Kandivali West, Mumbai

Shop Number- 14, Sneha Building, Vasant Complex, Mahavir Nagar, Near Subarban Diagnostic Centre


9:30 am - 9:30 pm

₹ 200 Approx.

Services (22)

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Discolored Tooth Restoration
Your Teeth Can Become Discolored By Stains On The Surface Or By Changes In The Tooth Material. Discolored Tooth Restoration Can Help You Restore Discolored Tooth

Braces Adjustment
The Use Of Devices To Move Teeth Or Adjust The Underlying Bone. Teeth Can Be Moved By Removable Appliances Or By Fixed Braces

Immediate Dentures
Temporary (or immediate) dentures are dentures that are inserted immediately following tooth extraction. They'll help protect your gums while you heal and make the transition to permanent dentures easier.

Dental Screening And Prophylaxis
Part of your dental checkup, prophylaxis is used to remove dental plaque and other irritants from the oral cavity. As these deposits build on your teeth, they form dental tartar, which contributes to most dental problems.

Orthodontic Treatment
Orthodontic Treatment Treats Malocclusion, A Condition In Which The Teeth Are Not Correctly Positioned When The Mouth Is Closed.

Oral Surgery Procedures
Oral Surgery Procedure Is Used To Fix Fractured Jaws And Broken Facial Bones.

Oral Lesions Screening
Oral Cancer Screening Is An Examination Performed By A Dentist Or Doctor To Look For Signs Of Cancer Or Precancerous Conditions In Your Mouth.

Periodontal Flap Surgery
Or known as Gingival flap surgery is used treat to periodontitis, it is serious gum infection that damages gums and can destroy the jawbone .

Tooth Extraction
It is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone

Cast Partial Denture
It Consists Of A Cast Metal Framework That Contains Artificial Teeth Set In An Acrylic Resin.

Cosmetic Filling
In This Procedure Of Cosmetic Filling, The Frontal Teeth Which Get Damaged Due To Cavity Are Filled With A Composite.

Composite Bondings
In Composite Bonding The Dentist Applies A Tooth-Coloured Composite Resin To One Or More Teeth To Repair The Damage.

Implant Retained Dentures
Implant-Retained Dentures Are Dentures That Are Held In Place By Dental Implants But Put Most Of The Force Of Your Bite On Your Gums.

Dental Crowns
If you suffer from tooth decay or cracks in your teeth that won't heal, a dental crown may be just the solution. In this blog post, you will find information on how much dental crown cost in Turkey.

Ceramic Dental Braces
Ceramic Braces Are The Same As Metal Braces, Except That They Have Tooth-Colored Or Clear Brackets That Blend Into Teeth.

Field of Expertise (3)




Academic Qualifications (2)

  • MDS - Prosthodontics

    Sinhgad Dental College Hospital


  • BDS

    Maharashtra Universtity of Health Sciences, Nashik


Experience (3)

  • Head Dentist

    Rathi's Dental Clinic

    2017 - 2017

  • Head Dentist

    Dr. Karani's Dental Clinic

    2017 - 2017

  • Prosthodontist PG

    Sinhgad Dental College & Hospital

    2013 - 2016

Accomplishments (3)

  • Best Scientific Paper- All India (Indian Prosthodontic Society, 16th PG Convention, Visakhapatnam)


  • Best Poster Award - All India (AFMC National Dental Conference, Pune)


  • Best Table Clinic - All India (42nd Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference, Chandigarh)


Memberships (2)

  • Indian Prosthodontic Society
  • Indian Dental Association