Best Hair transplant procedure Hospitals in Antalya

Turkey is rapidly becoming a popular destination for hair transplant treatment. It is because the country provides world-class treatment at a reasonable cost.

Various hair transplant and beard, moustache and eyebrow transplant hospitals in Turkey and its major cities like Antalya provide travel, treatment, and lodging, all included in medical tourism packages.

Have a look at the best hair transplant procedures hospitals in Antalya.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I start seeing result of hair transplant surgery?

What is the difference between FUT and FUE hair transplant?

What is the cost of hair transplant?

How painful is hair transplantation?

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Hair transplant procedure

FUT Hair Transplant:

FUT is the mainstream hair transplant method, also called as strip harvesting method.

  • Here, the strip of your skin containing hair is extracted from the donor area of the scalp.
  • After dissecting, the hair follicles are implanted in the scalp's bald region.
  • A FUT hair transplant is the best method if you need many grafts to cover the bald spot.
  • The disadvantage is that it leaves a linear scar on the back of your scalp and the recovery period is more.

FUE Hair Transplant:

FUE is a modern and most favored method of hair transplant.

  • In this method, hair follicles are extracted from the back of your scalp using a punch.
  • The follicular graft units are inserted into the incisions on the scalp's bald area.
  • It leaves no scars and has less recovery period.

DHI Transplant:

A direct Hair Implant is a modern and advanced method of hair transplant.

  • In this procedure, a patented tool known as an implanter is used to implant hair in the recipient area, i.e., bald areas of your scalp.
  • DHI provides a greater density of transplanted hair.
  • The recovery time for DHI is significantly low.
  • It is a painless process of hair transplant, giving accurate results.


Questions & Answers on "Hair Transplant Procedure" (36)
I am 19 years old and my hairs are gone thickerr can i try for prp

Male | 19

Yes, you can try PRP treatment. But it is essential to first consult with an experienced hair transplant surgeon. Based on your medical history and other factors, he will determine if you are the right candidate for PRP treatment or not. If  not, he may suggest some alternative treatments that may help you manage your hair loss.

Dr. Ashish Khare's profile picture

Dr. Ashish Khare

I want to do PRP treatment. How much cost it is.

Male | 30

PRP treatment is 2500 cost
For GFC cost is 5000 
per sitting 
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Dr. Audumbar Borgaonkar

When to wash hair normally after hair transplant?

Female | 29

After hair transplant first head wash can be done on 5th day with a mild shampoo. 
after that on every alternative day shampoo can ve done and with water you can wash on daily basis.

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Dr. Nandini Dadu

Is laser suitable for us for removing hair

Female | 34

Yes, laser hair removal is a safest way to get rid of unwanted hair on any body part. but results totally depends upon the machine and technology that we used for these treatment. we at Dadu Medical Centre use the triple wavelength machine which works on every type of hair growth in one single shot. Which reduces the requirements of number of sessions as well as the time consumption in a session .
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Dr. Nandini Dadu

Hello Doctor my name is Anup, I m sufferings from burn eyebrow need to transplant it should possible.

Male | 31

Yes,  burned eyebrows can be treated with eyebrow transplants. The procedure involves take hair follicles from some parts of your body and transplanting them in the area where your eyebrows are burnt. I advise you to please consult a reputed hair transplant surgeon for it. After proper evaluation, he will tell you whether you are eligible for eyebrow transplant or need some other treatment. 

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Dr. Manas S N

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