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Fortis Hospital Faridabad

Fortis Hospital Faridabad

New Industrial Town, Faridabad

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I'm 23 years female got pap test last month and I have a doubt that speculum is not sterlized will I get hiv from this way .speculum is not used for 2 hours before the pap test

Female | 23

The risk of HIV transmission from a speculum is extremely low. The risk is even lower if the speculum was not used for more than two hours prior to the Pap test. If you are still concerned, please speak with your healthcare provider.

Answered on 24th Jan'23

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

My wife is suffering with low hemoglobin, RBC , WBC & patlets count gone on decreasing .She has sufferd with viral fever for 15 days, viral fever came to normal but counts were not increasing.she has treated 20 days in KIMS, hyderabad hospital. Kims doctors told that after few days gradually counts will increase. What is her problem upto now doctors did not diagnosis, Two or three days doctors are transmitting sdp and prbc and WBC injections.I'm taken second opinion he told that there is a problem in bone marrow.without daignoses if we take bone marrow treatment does patient get any side effects.she is suffering from legs pain and swalling in legs aslo and she is becoming weak. Please what is her problem give me the clarity

Female | 36

she needs detailed hematological evaluation.and depending on all the reports, diagnosis can be made 

Answered on 24th Dec'22

Dr. Soumya Poduval

Dr. Soumya Poduval

Contrast Enhanced Computed Tomography of the whole abdomen showing moderate hypatomegaly with coarse attentuation, edematous GB mild dilated portal vein,splenomegaly,diverticulituis in sigmoid colon. Crystitis. My brother suresh kumar's report has been admitted in Maharaja Agrasain Hospital, Punjabi Bagh and the doctor has recommended us for a second opinion. Kindly advise / suggest next course of action if possible.

Male | 44

WhatsApp the report to me

Answered on 30th July'22

Dr. Pallab Haldar

Dr. Pallab Haldar

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