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My child is having stomach ache since last 2 or 3 days. Yesterday he had ache 3 to 4 tines and he has been going to washroom each time. The stool is normal and not loose. He is 8 now. Since he was 3.5 years old he had habbit of going to.potty after 3 to 4 days and it extended till 6 to 7 days also. The potty was very hard and a single loop hard to flush. But since last 4 days he is complaining of stomach ache and going to.potty each time. The stool is normal and soft as compared to previous times and flushable. Please suggest.

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I advise you to take your child to a doctor. Based on proper evaluation and diagnosis, the doctor will be able to determine whether the problem faced is due some underlying medical issue such as food intolerance, infection  or some other reason. Based on that, treatment may be suggested which may include certain dietary and lifestyle changes, medications etc. 

Answered on 4th Feb'23

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Dr. Babita Goel

Patient Name.Rithvika age .2 years female child ...she having neuro problem at brith time s o could you suggested me who is best children neuro Doctor in hyd

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kindly visit any corporate/Government hoapital 

Answered on 18th Jan'23

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Dr. Brahmanand Lal

What is cost of RCT for milk teeth? Child age 9 years Call me 9763315046 Pune

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Answered on 21th June'22

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Dr. Parth Shah

I want to squint surgery my right eye

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consult an expert for best advice

Answered on 20th July'22

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Dr. Arun Kumar

5 year old Chicken pox scar remove cream

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kindly consult to pediatric dermatologist.  if big scar then you may consult me 

Answered on 24th Dec'22

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Dr. Brahmanand Lal