Liver Transplant in India: Saleem’s inspiring journey to being treated well

Today, we are going to share the inspiring story of Saleem Ali, 46 years old, who had a liver transplant in India.

By Kapil Goyat

28th, Dec'22


Name: Saleem Ali

Gender: Male

Age: 46 years

Country of Origin: Oman

Treatment at: Medanta Hospital, Delhi NCR

Treatment for: Liver transplant


Saleem was suffering from fatty liver disease. They discovered this condition after several doctor visits and through various tests. They were completely shocked. This disease was causing him severe problems. His family members were extremely worried about his condition and what he was going through.


The pain day by day became unbearable to handle. They consulted several hospitals in Oman but were not satisfied with the treatment. This is how they connected with Clinicsopts when his wife placed an inquiry on our website. Our Clinicspots executive contacted them and discussed the entire situation. They shared each and every detail with us right from the beginning. His wife was the eligible donor for his treatment, as discussed.


Keep reading to find out how ClinicSpots helped Saleem in his treatment journey.


Our case manager, who was handling the case, asked them to come to India for Saleem’s treatment. The suggested hospital and doctor that will be handling the case were everything that was discussed with them. The VIL ( Visa Invitation Letter) was sent to them within 24 hours of their confirmation. They got their VISA issued in a time span of 6 days and arrived in India on November 11, 2019.


After arriving in India, they were taken to Medanta hospital, Delhi NCR, and Dr. Arvinder Singh Soin handled the case. Dr. Arvinder leads India’s largest and one of the world's most successful liver transplant programs. Over 21 years of experience, he has performed over 2500 liver transplants with a 95% success rate.


Various tests were performed on both the patient and the donor. Tests on the donor were necessary to know whether the donor was eligible. Once the test reports came,  it was found that Saleem's wife was not suitable as a donor. Her liver size was small, so she was not able to donate. 


The patient got panicked after knowing the reports and couldn’t understand what to do. Saleem was worrying and feeling helpless about his condition. Saleem’s brother was called from Oman as a donor, swapping his wife. Everyone gave Saleem moral and mental support until his brother arrived. Dr. Arvinder was very supportive and made him understand during these hard times. Besides his wife, his brother and his mother were also eligible donors. His brother was called because his mother was 20 years elder than him. Because of an old person's health conditions, Dr. Arvinder made this decision.


His brother arrived after 3 to 4 days, and after some tests, they immediately started the treatment. The treatment was successfully performed, and everything was done correctly without any complications. The donor and the patient were completely fine and were thankful to Dr. Arvinder for his positive support.


Saleem was admitted to the hospital for around 10 days, where the Medanta hospital took good care of him. Quality care was given to the patient with the help of a cooperative medical staff. They stayed in India for around 2 months for a continuous checkup and medical assistance if needed. The accommodation was arranged nearby the hospital for the patient's ease. 


The patient's brother, the donor, was discharged after the treatment within 4-5 days and was absolutely fine. After frequent hospital visits and medical assistance, they finally flew back to Oman. Post-treatment guidelines were given by the doctor for better health and to avoid future complications. 


Saleem and his family were grateful to Clinicspots and Dr. Arvinder for holding their hands in such hard times. They were also delighted with our case and field manager for their constant support during their journey. Our executives assisted them the whole time, right from the airport to accommodation. Saleem’s liver problems are gone now, and he feels as active as before. 


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