symptoms of ovarian failure after hysterectomy?

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Symptoms of ovarian failure after hysterectomy?



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  • Sometimes, the ovaries stop working long before the actual age of menopause is attained (the average age is 51).
  • If you are below 40 and your ovaries no longer produce eggs, and if your periods have stopped, then it may be due to primary ovarian insufficiency.
  • Women with this condition may still have periods and may even get pregnant.
  • The most common signs are missed or infrequent periods.
  • Periods may start and stop again for many years.
  • Other symptoms can seem like those of menopause and may include:
    • Hot flashes,
    • Night sweats,
    • Anxiety, or mood swings,
    • Concentration issues,
    • Reduced sex drive,
    • Issues with sleeping,
    • Vaginal dryness.

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Since hysterectomy leaves your abdomen hanging, thus you can consider getting a tummy tuck as well!

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