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Laparoscopic Surgery Cost in India - Get the Most Affordable Options

Lowest Cost (approx) $416

Average Cost (approx) $569

Highest Cost (approx) $964

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    The rising cost of healthcare is a matter of concern for everyone. Surgery is an expensive procedure requiring hospitalization and recovery time.

    In case you must undergo surgery, the best way to cut costs is by going for an affordable laparoscopic surgery in India option instead of open surgery or some other conventional surgical procedure.

    Cost in Top Cities

    Cities Min Avg Max
    Delhi $453 $620 $1051
    Ahmedabad $379 $518 $877
    Bangalore $445 $609 $1031
    Mumbai $470 $643 $1089
    Pune $428 $586 $993
    Chennai $408 $558 $945
    Hyderabad $395 $541 $916
    Kolkata $362 $495 $839

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    Reading ahead will help you understand what laparoscopic surgery means and how it can save your money. Let’s begin!!

    Laparoscopy cost in India

    Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure where small incisions are made into the cavity.

    The laparoscopy price in India is considerably lower when compared to countries like the US, Canada, etc.

    The starting cost of laparoscopy in India is around Rs. 33125($416), which can go up to Rs. 76762($964). On the other hand, the average price is somewhere around Rs. 45309($569).

     Eager to know more specific details of the cost related to the surgery. Below we have covered every cost-related aspect that you need. Read along!

     Laparoscopic surgery cost components

    The various components that are responsible for contributing to the laparoscopy cost in India are:

    Influencing factorsPrice (INR)
    Pre-operative tests (Screening)10,000
    The type of surgery50,000 – 55,000
    Post-Surgery cost (medications, antibiotics, painkillers)Vary as per the diagnosis
    Hospital Stay2000 (Per day)

    Laparoscopic surgery: Cost comparison by Country

    The following table shows the laparoscopic surgery cost comparison by country. It is better to conduct thorough and detailed research before choosing the laparoscopic surgery cost comparison by country.

    US5,000 USD – 10,000 USD
    India500 USD – 1,100 USD
    Turkey5,000 USD – 7,000 USD
    Thailand3,000 USD – 10,000 USD
    Australia5,000 USD – 7,000 USD
    Canada2,000 USD – 5,000 USD

    Note:  Keep in mind that the above table only shows approximate laparoscopic surgery costs by country. Actual costs will depend upon the type, hospital, surgeon, etc.

    Laparoscopic surgery cost by types

    Below is the cost of laparoscopic surgery based on its various types:

    Surgery TypeCost (INR)
    Hernia Surgery55,000  – 65,000 
    Appendectomy25,000  – 1,20,000 
    Gall Bladder Removal50,000  – 1,00,000 
    Colon Surgery84,000  – 7,00,000 
    Stomach Surgery2,00,000  – 3,00,000 

    Disclaimer: The given cost is based on estimates. Actual prices may vary as per location, hospital, or surgeon.

    As now you know the costs, you must know what factors can alter the prices for your surgery. Keep reading!!

    What are the factors affecting the Laparoscopic surgery cost in India?

    Various factors influence the laparoscopy cost in India. Listed below are those factors that majorly affect the price:

    · Admission Fee

    · Visiting/ consultation charges

    · The patient’s age

    · Kind of Surgery

    · Patients’ medical history/ Current health state

    · Complications after the surgery

    · Kind of room you opted for during your hospital stay

    · Expenses for tests and examinations

    Why is laparoscopic surgery less expensive in India? Let us find out.

    Why is Laparoscopic Surgery Less Expensive in India?

    While the cost of laparoscopic surgery in western countries is around $10,000, in India, it is about $2,000.The reasons why a difference arises in the cost of laparoscopic surgery in India and  western countries are:

    The first reason is the high cost of medical and surgical equipment in Western countries.

     The second reason is the high salary of surgeons in western countries.

    The third reason is the difference in the cost of living between western countries and India. As per the cost estimations conducted by the WHO, the average cost of healthcare in India is $35 per person. On the contrary, the average cost of healthcare in the USA is $9,435 per person.

    Along with low cost, India has other benefits as well. Do not stop; keep reading ahead!!

    Benefits of choosing India for Laparoscopic surgery

    The laparoscopic surgery cost in India is meager compared to the price in western countries. The laparoscopy cost in India is perfect for patients who cannot afford the high cost of surgery.

    Besides, you can also relish the benefits of choosing India for laparoscopic surgery.

    · Low laparoscopic surgery cost in India: As mentioned above, the laparoscopic surgery cost in India is much lower than in western countries.

    · Experienced laparoscopic surgeons: The laparoscopic surgeons in India are highly experienced and have performed thousands of laparoscopic surgeries.

    · Similar quality of laparoscopic surgery in India: Despite low surgical costs, there is no compromise on the quality of the treatment. The hospitals in India are JCI and NABH accredited, ensuring high-quality patient care.

    · Advanced technology: The hospitals have state-of-art infrastructure to provide a comfortable ambiance to people. They leverage the latest technologies to provide the best treatment.

    Other Details

    Final words: Laparoscopic surgery in India

    The rising cost of laparoscopic surgery is a concern for many patients. However, the cost of laparoscopic surgery in India can solve this problem.

    The laparoscopy price in India is much more affordable than in the UK, the US, and Singapore. India thrives as one of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism because of its quality treatment at meager costs.

    Every year the number of foreigners choosing to travel to India for laparoscopic surgery is increasing. Also, the success rate of laparoscopic surgery in India is very high.

    Hence, India has everything that you look for while choosing the surgery destination.

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    Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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