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Best Glioblastoma treatment in the World

Glioblastoma treatment worldwide: Expert care, advanced therapies, and hope for managing this aggressive brain cancer. Explore comprehensive options now.

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By Ipshita Ghoshal

31st Oct '22

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Glioblastoma is the most common brain cancer, especially among male adults. It grows by making its blood supply; this aids it in spreading into the brain tissues faster. Glioblastoma is responsible for almost 48% of cancer cases. The occurrence of glioblastoma is 3.21 per 100,000 people.

Primary glioblastoma accounts for 90% of the cases. Secondary glioblastoma accounts for the rest of the brain cancer cases. They occur in younger people. The treatment helps control the symptoms and puts cancer into remission for some time. Some of the best hospitals for glioblastoma treatment provide effective treatment. They provide world-class facilities by deploying the best technologies.

Below is the list of hospitals with best oncologists that provide the best glioblastoma treatment in the world. Read ahead to find out!

Best glioblastoma treatment in the USA

In the USA, around 12,000 cases of glioblastoma occur every year. This aggressive form of brain cancer is challenging to control. The USA has some of the best glioblastoma treatment centers.  They have the most qualified and skilled surgeons. These surgeons have the proper training to use conventional technologies for treatment. This results in higher success rates.  

1. MD Anderson Cancer Center 

1515 Holcombe Blvd, Houston, TX 77030, USA

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  • According to the US news and World report, the Hospital ranks 1 for cancer treatment in the USA.
  • The National Cancer Institute ranks it among the top three comprehensive cancer centers.
  • Accredited by JCI, the Hospital has 25 specialized oncology centers.
  • They provide therapies like Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapies, Immunotherapies, etc.
  • They have technologies to identify Glioblastoma at the molecular level.

2. Princeton Hospital at Plainsboro

1 Plainsboro Rd, Plainsboro Township, NJ 08536, USA

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  • As per the Healthgrades rating, Princeton Hospital falls among the top 5% of hospitals in the USA.
  • Princeton provides the latest Non-invasive radiosurgery treatment for Glioblastoma.
  • They provide the best chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and Cyberknife radiosurgery services.
  • It is one of the CoC-recognized hospitals that provide comprehensive and quality care to cancer patients.

3. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

1275 York Avenue (Between 67th and 68th Streets) New York, NY 10065 United States

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  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is one of the world's largest and oldest Hospitals focusing on oncology treatment.
  • 15,600 medical professionals in the Hospital treat two hundred different types of cancer.
  • The patients here also access new chemotherapy drugs through their Clinical Trail programs.
  • Medical professionals use the Molecular Profiling approach to provide treatment based on the tumor's genetic information.

Best Hospitals to treat Glioblastoma in the UK

Europe and the UK offer some of the most cutting-edge medical care. Several medical research facilities are looking for fresh approaches to treating cancer.  

4. Harley Street at University College Hospital (HS at UCH)

15th Floor, University College Hospital, 235 Euston Road

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  • This hospital provides specialized care in Cancer treatments. 
  • They have multidisciplinary teams for brain tumors, skull base tumors, pituitary tumors, spinal tumors, and rehabilitation and non-surgical care.
  • The medical staff's approach to cancer care includes diagnosis and evaluation. They also provide treatment, as well as aftercare and support services.
  • They have the latest radiation therapies like Rapidarc Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) and stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS).
  1. Harley Street Clinic

35 Weymouth Street, London W1G 8BJ

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  • Harley Street Clinic is the UK's first hospital to invest in brain cancer technology.
  • The Clinic holds a patient satisfaction score of 95%.
  • The Clinic has the best quality treatments. These include Neurosurgery, Radiotherapy, CyberKnife, Chemotherapy, and steroid medication.
  • They have painless robotic radiotherapy treatment for treating brain cancer with increased accuracy.
  1. University Hospitals Birmingham

Mindelsohn Way, Birmingham B15 2GW, UK

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  • The brain tumor center of the hospital is considered a center of excellence by Tessa Jowell’s Brain Cancer Mission.
  • They provide excellent care for brain tumors.
  • The patients get access to the best quality treatments. The treatments include Neurosurgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, pathology, and radiology.
  • Most of the patients have access to advanced Clinical trials.

Best Glioblastoma Treatment in India

Humans are healthier and live longer than ever thanks to medical advances made during the past century. India attracts international patients for various treatments. The country is emerging with new developments and cutting-edge therapies that work. Also, India has lower healthcare expenditures than most other nations. Cancer hospitals in India offer effective treatments.  

  1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Mathura Rd, New Delhi, Delhi 110076

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  • The hospital secured the first rank in Oncology in the healthcare survey of Time of India in 2016.
  • The hospital has incorporated cutting-edge technologies for treating patients.
  • The most used treatment therapies are radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
  • The patients also have the option of choosing a non-invasive method of Neuroendoscopic surgery.
  • Proton Therapy,  effective in oncological treatment, is available in Apollo Hospitals in Delhi.
  1. Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

Sector - 44, Opposite HUDA City Center, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

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  • Fortis Memorial hospital has neurosurgeons experienced in performing Non Invasive surgeries to treat brain cancer.
  • The hospital provides treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  1. Manipal Hospital (Old Airport Road) Bangalore

98, HAL Old Airport Rd, Kodihalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560017

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  • The hospital's neurosciences department is one of the most extensive in the region. It offers top-notch care for neurological illnesses.
  • The hospital is the most excellent neurology hospital in Bangalore since it is at the forefront of first-rate quaternary care.
  • The different treatment options available at Manipal Hospitals are endoscopic surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, radiosurgery, targeted therapy, and palliative treatments.

Best Hospitals to treat Glioblastoma in Turkey

Turkey's affordable range of cancer treatment prices is a benefit for international patients. This affordability makes it possible for people to immediately get fair-priced, high-quality care. Patients prefer Turkey for Glioblastoma treatment. It is because the cost of treatment services in Turkey is less than in other European nations.  

  1. Anadolu Medical Center

Cumhuriyet Mah, 2255. Sk. No: 3, 41400 Gebze/Kocaeli, Turkey

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  • The neuro-oncology department provides top-quality Glioblastoma treatment. The treatment starts after going through various diagnostic procedures, like MRI, PET-CT, CT, and biopsy.
  • They have adopted a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of complex Glioblastoma.
  • Neuro-navigation, Cyberknife Radiosurgery, Digital Angiography, Advanced MRI and CT, Frameless Stereotactic Biopsy, Video-EEG Monitoring, and Brain Mapping are some of the technologies used in the treatment of Glioblastoma. 
  1. Medipol Mega University Hospital

TEM Avrupa Otoyolu Göztepe Çıkışı No: 1 Bağcılar/İstanbul

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  • Radiology, Oncology, and Neurosurgery Departments professionals work together to treat glioblastoma patients.
  • Surgeons use Neuronavigation while performing surgeries to avoid wrong movements.
  • To eliminate cancer, chemotherapy and radiation are also prescribed.
  1. Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital

Bahçelievler Merkez, Adnan Kahveci Blv. No: 227, 34180 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey

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  • The hospital is a part of the memorial healthcare group.
  • Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, Neurosurgery, and bone marrow transplant are some of the modern treatments for Glioblastomas.
  • The doctors can identify the disease and suggest long-term cancer cure or remission treatment.


What factors should you consider before choosing the best hospital for Glioblastoma treatment?

Consider the points below before deciding upon the Glioblastoma treatment hospital: 

  • Look for hospitals/Clinics with significant experience in treating and providing services. Make sure it focuses on the type of cancer treatment in India you are searching for.
  • Examine the support services offered by that hospital, like palliative care, neuropsychology services, etc.
  • Access to Clinical trials is favorable when finding the best Glioblastoma hospitals.
  • Find out the accommodation, flooding, and transport services it provides.

For further help with a medical visa or to ease your search for a hospital, you may Call today and get free Consultation!


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