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By Arya Kamat

Updated on 4th, Jan'22

hen we talk about plastic cosmetic and hair treatments, Dr Viral Desai is a specialist for hair transplant and hair evacuation in Mumbai as well as he is the National Icon in plastic and cosmetic medical procedure and he is the person who brought a propelled hair transplant method i.e. DHI (Direct Hair Implant). Holding long periods of experience and having a reputation of best medical procedures he is considered as a real gem of the best specialists of India for different medical treatments, for example, hair transplant, liposuction, plastic and cosmetic medical procedure.

Let us check some of the Dr Viral Desai reviews from his clients who underwent the treatments he provided them and how much satisfied they were after the treatment:

We have listed below Top 10 Dr Viral Desai Reviews from his clients as well as from Celebrities:

Mr Prakash Aggarwal

“I am a software developer in Pune I have been suffering from the hair loss from the age of 26. Last year at the age of 30 I started losing my hair from the top of my head and the scalp was properly visible, I was tensed for this kind of situation then I contacted the CPLSS clinic Pune for my hair restoration. It was a bit difficult for me for the first few months, but after a period of 6 months I started getting the regular growth and the alignment of hairs is good. It happened just because of Dr Viral Desai and his team who gave me back my hairs. Thanks a lot Dr Viral Desai”.


Mr Aniket Bhandari

“It was a nightmare for me to live with that hair loss but after contacting Dr Viral Desai it all went well I gained my hair back and the nightmare was over. Thanks to Dr Viral Desai.”


Mrs Pooja Srivastav

“Being continually forced to be an introvert due to my misshapen nose, I was lacking all self-esteem when I came to CPLSS clinic of Dr Viral Desai. After the nose surgery, I have come to know myself all over again and feel wonderfully better about myself physically and mentally. I am very happy with what I see in the mirror today - a strong, beautiful girl. Thank you, Dr Viral Desai, for returning my beautiful phase of my life. You have helped me look the way I feel about myself. Thank you and all the best!”.


Ms Swetha Damania

“When I first came to CPLSS, I was a struggling model. I had rejections in many auditions due to some reason or the other regarding my looks. Considering my goals, Dr Desai advised me to take up a makeover consisting of three stages of procedures. Dr Desai and his team worked on improving my face and sculpting my body. Today, I am happy to tell you that I have a lot of work and have earned my place in the TV industry. My transformation was featured in MIDDAY.

I thank Dr. Desai for transforming my life. There are many myths about cosmetic surgery. Having undergone it, I can vouch for its safety and does offer the desired results. The best part is that Dr. Desai creates a solution custom-made for you; not over-the-shelf procedures. I have been coming to CPLSS for over six years now.”


Mr Akash Goel

“I was a gone case - my hair was thinning at an alarming rate. I was recommended to Dr Viral Desai by two of my friends from the TV industry. Dr Viral and DHI helped me get my hair back. The DHI procedure was virtually painless - I was listening to music, messaging friends on BBM and chatting with Dr Viral during the procedure! The results were so good that my family, friends and colleagues were astonished. A few months after my procedure, I had a second DHI procedure with even better results! I am a very happy and satisfied client of Dr Viral Desai and DHI, and strongly recommend Dr Viral Desai and DHI to anyone who wishes to get his/her hair back.”

In addition, we have got some of the Dr Viral Desai Reviews from the famous personalities, sportsmen and Bollywood celebrities:


Prabhjot Singh

Mr. Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot Singh, who received Arjuna Award, Striker of the Indian National Hockey Team, speaks about his DHI experience



JD Majethia

Mr. JD Majethia

JD Majethia is the famous Actor & Producer of Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai and Khichdi write up when he went up to Dr Viral Desai in 2011 he was suffering from major hair loss problems specially and so far, he had lost most of his hair line. But, Dr Viral Desai was able to understand and solve his problem to restore back his hair line and he was very satisfied with the treatment let’s see Dr viral Desai reviews and reviews of his treatment according to him

“Everybody wants to look young, loss of hair is a sign of aging. Everybody who is born will lose hair. But today you can get your hair back because of one gentleman Dr Viral Desai. I was initially scared about the procedure but when I underwent the procedure I was smiling, laughing and chatting with my friends on the phone; it’s almost painless. And after this procedure I am attending a function with my family"

J Bhanushali

Mr J Bhanushali

To all of Dr. Desai's potential clients,

"This is my true story. I had tried everything from diets to gym to aerobics to hot yoga before being convinced that it would be impossible for me to go back to my old waist size again. Fortunately, a few months ago I bumped into a friend of mine - Ritesh - who told me about his wonderful experience with CPLSS. Encouraged and with a ray of hope, I called CPLSS. Today, three months after having a liposuction procedure, I can happily claim to have surpassed my goal of dropping a few inches! I have also been strongly motivated by my new look to change by lifestyle to maintain my "new" body. I am grateful to Dr Viral Desai and his team for recreating me. I would certainly recommend CPLSS to anyone who is thinking of having plastic and cosmetic surgery."


Mr Govinda

Mr Govinda, being one of the famous personalities of Indian cinema also went through the hair restoration treatment (DHI) which was executed by Dr Viral Desai. Let’s see what he says about his experience and guidance for other people for the same procedure.

"Arrey, isn't hair important? Which man would say he is okay with lesser hair on his head. In fact, I had been planning the transplant for the last four-and-half years. And when it happened, it took almost 10-hours to get done. But the experience was amazing I could do anything. After the treatment I was advised to take a healthy diet which is like --No sugar. No oil. No non-vegetarian food. And when I say 'No', it means 'Absolutely No'. One hour of yoga under the guidance of my teacher Ushaji who comes home. And then an hour of running on Juhu beach every single day, either from 5-6 am or 6-7 am. Day begins early but it's good in a way. I am feeling much more active as well.”

Virendra Sehwag


Mr Virendra Sehwag

Virendra Sehwag is an Indian cricketer who does not need any introduction. We all know him even he was suffering from the same issues. We have brought you the thoughts he suffered and how those thought just faded away after the treatment.

“Being an International level cricketer is not easy. Heat, sweat, stress and injuries take their toll, and at times hair... But thanks to DHI, the latest in hair restoration and Dr Viral Desai because of them I got my natural hair back. Now I can comb, shampoo or style them, just like before. I was so tensed about my situation but after the treatment it’s just completely fine and I was able to see the growth after few months of the surgery DHI seriously saved my hair. Thanks a lot, DHI, Dr Viral desai and his team who contributed a lot."

So, these were some of the reviews from the famous personalities as well as from the common people about various treatments that are performed by Dr Viral Desai at CPLSS Mumbai, Pune.

Dr Viral Desai Reviews on various Medical Treatment segments

A. Short Scar Face- Lift or “S” Lift

Short Scar Face- Lift

The process of rejuvenation of the lower neck with the help of a scar from the top of the ear into the front half completely vertical to the skin behind the ear is known as Short Scar facelift or “S” Lift.

Short Scar Facelift is a bit different from the standard face-lift. The main difference is the length of the scar done for the treatment, even the scar does not extend to the scalp above the ear which reduces the risk of avoiding hair loss or the areas where the hair density is less. Also, the region behind the ear where the scar is made it is in a line, it does not cross hairless skin just behind the ears which also leads to a thick scar and does not go into the scalp at the back of the ear which may increase the risk of hair loss. And reduces the possibility of altering or raising the hair-line.

Dr Viral Desai reviews for the age for such treatment varies from 30 years or up. This facelift is more appropriate for the older facelift patients at the age of 40’s to 50’s but it can also be accomplished at the age of 60’s in some cases.


B. Pigmentation Treatments

Pigmentation Treatments

At the CPLSS you can also find the treatment for pigmentation on the skin. Pigmentation is the coloring of your skin. It is a skin condition where patches of the skin turn into the darker shade of color it may occur due to the excessive presence of melanin, found on the surface of your skin. Melanin is produced by melanocytes (a mature melanin-forming cell, especially found in the skin) and it functions as miniature umbrellas to skin cells to protect the skin from sun and UV damages caused to the skin.

There are various treatments for the same such as:

  • Special Creams
  • Chemical Peels
  • Laser Treatment
  • Surgical Procedure

The recommendation of the treatment to you will depend on the type and the nature of skin and the type of pigmentation.


C. Non - Surgical facelift

Non - Surgical facelift

A thread lift is a Cosmetic surgery that can lift your sagging skin on the face with the help of surgical suture threads. We can’t say that thread lift is not a substitute for a facelift. The biggest advantage we get from the thread lift is the scars are not visible and has very less downtime for routine activities.

Thread lifts are mandatory to combine with other Nom-Invasive procedure such as anti-wrinkle injection. You may also need to consider losing weight to wait until your desired weight is met. Cost of thread lift is less and requirement of downtime for many people is less. It takes less than an hour for the procedure.

According to Dr Viral Desai Reviews on Non - surgical facelift, I would like to tell you about the thread lift basics like in thread lift barbed sutures are used to lift sagging eyebrows and eyelids, deep naso-labial or aging neck tissues.


D. Fat Injection/Autologous Fat

Fat Injection/Autologous Fat

This procedure is used by the doctors for the extraction of fat cells from the patient’s abdomen, thighs, buttocks or anywhere else if required, this procedure is also known as autologous fat transplantation.

You can see that, most often fat is used to correct the cheeks or laugh lines between the mouth and the nose to correct your skin depressions to minimize forehead wrinkles and sometimes to enhance the lips, for peri-orbital (swelling around the eyes) rejuvenation, treat depressed scars and acne scars etc.


The procedure is quite simple, according to Dr Viral Desai reviews on fat injections, if the donor and recipient sites are cleansed and treated with a local anaesthesia., the fat is withdrawn with the help of as syringe with a large-bore needle or can say a cannula (an instrument used in liposuction) which is attached to a suction device. The fat is then arranged and infused into the beneficiary site with a needle.

After this, you may feel your face or the injected region of the body a bit abnormal. The swelling and puffiness in the recipient site may last several days, especially if a large area was filled. While numerous patients can continue ordinary action quickly post-treatment, if a bigger region was dealt with, you might be encouraged to diminish your movement for a concise time. The duration of the fat injections varies significantly from patient to patient. Normally 50-60 % of the fat survives for 5-6 years.


E. Nose Plastic Surgery

Nose Plastic Surgery

The Medical procedure of the nose (Rhinoplasty) is extremely mainstream in people of all ages. This technique is performed to redress the state of the outside of the nose, to expel knocks from the extension of the nose or to lift a hanging tip. Outside nasal disfigurements can cause extraordinary enthusiastic misery and medical procedure might be only the appropriate response.

There are various areas of the nose that can be changed – such as the nostrils, the tip of the nose or the bony structure the point between the nose and upper lip and reshape the nasal tip. The aftereffect of rhinoplasty is a characteristic looking nose that "fits" with whatever remains of the face. The consequences of rhinoplasty upgrade the harmony between the nose and other facial highlights.

Although remarkable, there are dangers and difficulties related with this sort of medical procedure. Dr Viral Desai will examine them with you in detail at your interview before proceeding for the procedure.

They include:

  • Post-agent draining and contaminations. Now and again a hematoma can emerge following nasal medical procedure, which requires readmission.
  • A few contaminations may happen after the medical procedure and as a rule, die down after a course of antimicrobials
  • Deadness of the skin may happen yet will die down in time
  • Expulsion of the nasal pack is repulsive, yet is a moderately brisk process

Dr Viral Desai Reviews on FUE and DHI method of treatment

Dr Viral Desai is also famous because of the DHI treatment, an advanced technique for hair restoration. Numerous individuals question that DHI (Direct Hair Implant) and FUE are a similar strategy for the rebuilding of hair however they are not this mentality that individuals have is incompletely right.

Follicular Unit Extraction

FUE is a customary method in which a punch is utilized to make a little round trim in the skin around a hair follicle or gathering of follicles, expelling them from the scalp and leaving a little open gap and rehashed till the specialist has enough follicles to cover the treatment zone. Those openings do repair yet makes a modest scar all through the benefactor are and can be obvious if the specialist isn't sufficiently gifted.

Direct Hair Implantation

In any case, DHI extraction can be alluded to as a miniaturized scale FUE as it doesn't include trimming into patient's skin and the punch that is made into the skin is of under 1 mm distance across and separates hair one by one from the benefactor zone additionally DHI system is executed by confirmed specialist guaranteeing consistency and high calibre.

We can give you 5 noteworthy Dr Viral Desai Reviews to think about DHI for your method of hair reclamation:

  • DHI gather is one among the most inventive medicinal gatherings on the planet. Built up in 1970 in California, USA, The DHI amass is associated with propelling the logical investigation of hair rebuilding systems with the assistance of researchers, specialists, analysts and academicians from over the world.
  • The DHI amass considered the hair rebuilding systems and consummated it, which is the reason it positions on the best to deliver the regular outcome. In addition, the strategy is performed with licensed single-utilize expendable instruments. All DHI expert specialists are dermatologists who are guaranteed together by DHI's India Medical Director Dr Viral Desai and DHI's Global Medical Director.
  • These expert specialists experience intermittent preparing at the DHI Academy – an organization occupied with cutting edge hair rebuilding research in relationship with Lyon Hospital University (France), Harokopion University (Athens) and Seoul University (Korea).
  • The goal of any balding treatment is wellbeing and normal outcomes greatest development of customer's life. DHI's Total Care System is the world's first quality institutionalization framework for hair reclamation, which is connected wherever on the planet.
  • Track record of Excellent Results, it's because of while different systems only include exchange of follicles, DHI mixes aesthetic bent and logical exactness in follicle implantation. For you, the distinction is the deep-rooted outcome you get: heedless hair development by different strategies versus DHI's 100% regular outcome with rectify thickness and waviness.

We have given you certain reasons why DHI is the best hair reclamation method, aside from the old Versions accessible in the market. I would prescribe you on the off chance that you are experiencing any male pattern baldness issues you may consider DHI as the best alternative accessible in the medicinal stream for the treatment.


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Dr Viral Desai Reviews - Top 10

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