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Dr. Astha Ahluwalia

16 years of experience

Master of Science, Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health, MA - Counseling Psychology, MA - Psychology, BA - Psychology

Anxiety Disorders Treatment

Anger Management

Personality Assessment

Grief Counselling

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Dr. Suprabha Shrivastava

10 years of experience

M.Phil - Clinical Psychology, MA, BA

  • Interventional Effects of Bhramari Pranayam on Mental Health among College Students” - Published in The International Journal of Indian Psychology, Volume-4, Issue-2, Jan. –March 2017. in 2017.
  • Member of Registered Clinical Psychologist From Rehabilitation Council Of India.
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Hello sir I am Dr Praveena.... preparing for pg entrance....since a week I feel shortness of breath...also have many issues at home affecting my mental this a kind of anxiety attack....

Female | 26

Hello Dr. Praveena..It may or may not be an anxiety issue or it might be a cocktail of several issues as well. As there is very less information, reaching a conclusion is difficult. You can book an appointment with me and we can discuss this in detail. Whatever it is, there are various ways to get treated so don't worry!
I provide online as well as in-person sessions. 
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Dr. Charu Agarwal

I am 25 .. I don't feel hungry .. I can't concentrate on things,.. I don't want to do anything,.. I feel like I want to cry evertime... Can you tell what aal these symptoms represent ?

Female | 25

you need a detailed psychological evaluation to ascertain your can reach me  for the needful 
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Dr. Srikanth Goggi

I am 23 years old and my mood swings very quickly, sometimes I feel like I should go far away by leaving from everything but I can't do that and most of the time I'm being in sorrow and I'm not interested in anything I don't know why I'm feeling like this. Please tell me any solution for this and I would like to know my mental status.

Female | 23

your mood swings, and feeling of lack of pleasure in pleasurable activities show that you might have episode of depressive  illness.Please do a clinical psychologist like me online/ offline for detailed psychological evaluation & treatment.
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Dr. Srikanth Goggi

I've had this issue for a long time; the notion of having sex with my family members crosses my mind, and even though I know it's not ethically proper, I can't stop myself. Even the notion that the person with whom I want to have sex wants to have sex with me occurs to me. As a result, I've been into a lot of difficulty. I am always depressed.

Male | 30

As you said things are not ethically right, so it's always better to drop a task that will create problems in future and even difficulties in the family... 

counselling therapy is required.. 

You can also contact me on my private chat or directly in my clinic. We can send you the medicines by courier.
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Dr. Arun Kumar

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