Dr. Mehjabeen Khan

9 years of experience

Diploma in Medical Cosmetology || Diploma in Trichology - Cosmetology || Certificate Course in Skin & Vinereal Disease

Dr. Mehjabeen Khan is a renowned Cosmetologist in Mumbai. She has 9 years of experience in medical field. She has completed her Diploma in Medical Cosmetology from Tulips (GCTA-Australia) in 2012, Diploma in Trichology - Cosmetology from Tulips (GCTA-Australia) in 2012 and Certificate Course in Skin & Vinereal Disease from Maharashtra board of health science pune in 2010. She currently practices at Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinics And Facial Rejuvenation in Khar West(Mumbai).

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Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinics And Facial Rejuvenation

Khar West, Mumbai

1st Floor, Shivanjali Society, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Off Carter Road, Near Ambedkar Statue, Opposite Gurunanak Dispensary


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

₹ 500 Approx.

Services (17)

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Pigmentation Treatment
Treatment for darkened patches or spots on the skin.

Alopecia Areta Treatment
The treatment given for Sudden hair loss that starts with one or more circular bald patches that may overlap.

Dandruff Treatment
The signs and symptoms of dandruff are an itchy scalp and flakiness.[6] Red and greasy patches of skin and a tingly feeling on the skin are also symptoms. Antifungal treatments including ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione and selenium disulfide have been found to be effective along with anti-dandruff shampoos.

Skin Tags Removal
The removal of skin tags by methods like cryotherapy, surgery, litigation and electrosurgery.

Prp Treatment
PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment is a technique that includes extracting a patient’s own blood, processing it so that only enriched cells remain, and injecting it into scalp.

Photo Facial
Photo Facial Is An Advanced Skin Treatment Procedure Which Focuses On Reducing Age Spots, Freckles, And Red Blemishes Or Broken Capillaries.

Neck Lift Is A Form Of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Involving Tightening And Removing The Skin From The Human Neck.

Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy Is A Medical Treatment In Which Strong Beam Of Light Is Used To Cut, Burn Or Destroy Tissue Focused In A Particular Area With Less Damage To Surrounding Tissues.

Laser Resurfacing
Laser Resurfacing Is A Treatment That Uses Laser To Reduce Facial Wrinkles And Skin Irregularities, Such As Blemishes Or Acne Scars.

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal Is The Process Of Hair Removal With The Exposure To Pulses Of Laser Light That Destroy The Hair Follicle.

Thread Lift
It Is A Facial Rejuvenation Technique Where Temporary Sutures Are Used To Give A Subtle Lift In The Skin.

Freckles Removal
Freckles removal is the skin treatment done to treat flat small tan or light-brown spots on sun-exposed skin known as Freckles.

Fractional Laser
Fractional laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment that uses a device to deliver a laser beam divided into thousands of microscopic treatment zones that target a fraction of the skin at a time.

Dermabrasion Is Done To Remove And Level The Upper Layer Of The Skin. The Treated Area Heals, Allowing New Skin To Grow In Its Place.

Medical Peels
A Medical Peel Is A Skin-Resurfacing Treatment To Remove Dead Skin Cells, Uncovering A New Layer Of Skin That Appears Smoother And More Vibrant.

Field of Expertise (1)


Academic Qualifications (3)

  • Diploma in Medical Cosmetology

    Tulips (GCTA-Australia)


  • Diploma in Trichology - Cosmetology

    Tulips (GCTA-Australia)


  • Certificate Course in Skin & Vinereal Disease

    Maharashtra board of health science pune


Experience (4)

  • Cosmetic physician

    Aesthetic Smiles Dental & Skin clinic

    2015 - 2018

  • Consultant Skin Doctor

    About Face International Skin and Hair Clinic

    2013 - 2015

  • Consultant Doctor for skin & Wt loss

    Instasculpt Skin and weight Clinic

    2012 - 2013

  • Consultant Doctor

    Dr Shubhangi Mistry Dermatologist

    2011 - 2012