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Dr. Nirali Gandhi (Physiotherapist)

10 years of experience


Dr. Nirali Gandhi (Physiotherapist) is a reputed Physiotherapist, Orthopedic Physiotherapist and Neuro Physiotherapist in Mumbai with over 10 years of experience. She has pursued her MPTh/MPT from Ahmedabad Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad in 2015 and BPTh/BPT from Shree devi college of physiotherapy, Mangalore in 2010. She currently practices at Anoushka Polyclinic in Powai(Mumbai). She holds membership of Indian Association of Physiotherapist.

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Anoushka Polyclinic

Powai, Mumbai

102, Crystal Centre, 1st Floor, Raheja Vihar, Opp. Chandivali Studio


7:00 am - 9:00 am

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

₹ 400 Approx.

Services (14)

Back Pain Physiotherapy
This Therapy Involves Using A Hands-On Technique To Relieve Stiffness And Pain In The Back To Improve Joint And Muscle Movement Of The Spine.

Interferential Therapy
The Basic Principle Of Interferential Therapy (Ift) Is To Utilise The Strong Physiologicaportable Iftl Effects Of Low Frequency (<250Pps) Electrical Stimulation Of Nerves Without The Associated Painful And Somewhat Unpleasant Side Effects Sometimes Associated With Low Frequency Stim.

Spine Mobilization
Spinal Mobilization Is A Type Of Active Movement Of A Spinal Segment Or Region.

Sciatica Pain Treatment
Sciatica treatment usually consists of nonsurgical methods that can be applied as needed, such as heat therapy, cold treatment, and pain medications.

Post Pregnancy Classes
Post Pregnancy Classes Are The Classes Held For Women To Get Back In Shape.

Spine Injury
It Is The Damage To Any Part Of The Spinal Cord Or Nerves At The End Of The Spinal Canal

Heat Therapy Treatment
Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, is the use of heat in treatment. Applying heat to an area increases the blood flow, bringing along proteins and oxygen.

Electrical Stimulation
Electric Stimulation Therapy Is A Therapeutic Treatment That Applies Electrical Stimulation In Treating Muscle Spasms And Pain.

Soft Tissue Mobilization
A Soft Tissue Mobilization Is A Form Of Manual Physical Therapy Where Your Physical Therapists Will Use Hands-On Techniques On Your Muscles, Ligaments, And Fascia In Order To Break Fibrous Bands That Form Between Tissues And Organs To Increase Your Muscle Function.

Knee Pain Physiotherapy

Neuro Developmental Therapy

Pain Management Counseling

Paralytic Care

Strengthening Excercise

Field of Expertise (3)


Orthopedic Physiotherapist

Neuro Physiotherapist

Academic Qualifications (2)

  • MPTh/MPT

    Ahmedabad Institute of Medical Sciences, Ahmedabad


  • BPTh/BPT

    Shree devi college of physiotherapy, Mangalore


Experience (6)

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  • Consulatant Physiotherapist

    Sadvichar Parivar Trust Physiotherapy Clinic

    2015 - 2016

  • Trainee Physiotherapist

    Dr. LH Hiranandani Physiotherapy Hospital

    2013 - 2013

  • PG Student

    Ahmedabad institute of Medical Sciences

    2013 - 2015

  • Assistant Physiotherapist

    Sai Home Physiotherapy Centre

    2012 - 2012

Memberships (1)

  • Indian Association of Physiotherapist