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Gynecologist Maternal And Fetal Medicine Specialist

Academic Qualifications

  1. MBBS

    Christian Medical College, Ludhiana


  2. DNB - Obstetrics & Gynecology

    St. Stephen's Hospital Delhi


  3. FNB

    Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad



  1. Prenatal diagnosis & outcome of cystic hygroma- Oral Presentation: 1st Prize at 2nd International Congress of Society of fetal medicine (Sept 2013)


  2. Unexplained stillbirth- is placenta the miscreant- Oral Presentation: 2nd Prize at RCOG World conference, Hyderabad (March 2014)

  3. Cardiac arrest following obstetric hemorrhage- Poster: 1st Prize at Obstetric medicine update, Fernandez hospital & SOMI, Hyderabad (Oct 2014)

  4. Importance of hand evaluation during routine obstetric ultrasound- Oral Presentation: 2nd Prize at INSUOG 2016, Hyderabad


  1. Society of Fetal Medicine, India

  2. Society Of Obstetric Medicine Of India

  3. Associate of Royal college of obstetrics and gynecology


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