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Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Turkey

35 Doctors
180 Beds


  • They are the best hospital for kidney transplantation and they done this process through live donors.
  • They have accommodation facility with café, laboratories, ATMs, and parking lot.
  • Quality Services avail 24x7 with clean beds and water spray system along with manual disinfection.
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American Hospital

American Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

110 Doctors
200 Beds


  • They always improve their administrative services to provide quality service.
  • They provide international standard treatments of Kidney Transplantation.
  • They have a special Nephrology Department of experienced specialist doctors.
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31 Doctors
470 Beds


  • Fully Equipped Modern Infrastructure and with intelligent system and technology.
  • JCI accredited.
  • Affordable Kidney Transplantation.
121 Doctors
1170 Beds


  • They are few of the hospitals who support organ donation and  Kidney transplantation.
  • JCI accredited with the membership of Association of Private Hospitals and Medical Institutions.
  • They provide best healthcare services and special cooked food for Kidney failure patients. 
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Liv Hospital

Liv Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

3 Doctors
159 Beds


  • They provide best nephrology treatment with affordable rate.
  • They are equipped with advance technology such as: Truebeam STx, DaVinci Robotic “TrueBeam” radiotherapy apparatus etc.
  • They are also known as Robotic Surgery Center and honored with the title of "Center of Excellence" by the Surgical Review Corporation (SRC).
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Koc University Hospital

Koc University Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey

27 Doctors
404 Beds


  • They have advance Technology for surgical treatment like PET/CT GE Discovery 710, Multislice Computer Tomography & ultrafast CT.
  • JCI accredited with quality service 24/7.
  • They offers high quality level of organ transplantation including kidney.
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126 Beds


  • They have "Code Blue" emergency warning system & telemetric monitoring for any emergency and to attend the patients.
  • They are accredited with TS-EN ISO 9001:2015.
  • organ transplant of kidneys with renal failure are performed by nephrology specialists. 
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Memorial Sisli Hospital

Memorial Sisli Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey


  • They are equipped with latest Technologies include 3 Tesla MR, Neuronavigation, Thulium Laser.
  • JCI accredited with 24x7 service avail.
  • They provide quality organ transplantation with affordable price. 


  • They provide accommodation services for international patients.
  • They provide affordable transplantation process with advance technology.
  • The doctors are highly experienced and try to perform surgeries painlessly.

A report from Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation for 2015 suggests that around 84,347 people opted for kidney transplant surgery performed from all over the world.

This page will put you across the best kidney transplant hospitals in Turkey, that are outfitted with advanced machinery and adept professionals.

Potential kidney donors are carefully assessed as candidates for a major elective surgery to ensure favourable long-term outcomes. Medical and psychosocial components are included in the screening. Although donors can often be successfully screened in a few months, the process can take longer, especially if test findings indicate that additional tests are needed. To prevent missing out on kidney transplant prospects, transplant centres should aim for a total approval period of less than six months (for example, that the intended recipient becomes too ill for transplant while the donor is being evaluated).

The psychosocial screening aims to identify the presence of psychological issues that may make donation more difficult, such as a lack of social support to aid in their post-operative recovery, familial coercion, and so on.

The donor's overall health and surgical risk are assessed, as well as any conditions that could signal difficulties from living with a single kidney. It also evaluates whether the donor has diseases that could be passed to the recipient (who is usually immunocompromised), the anatomy of the donor's kidneys, including size variations and abnormalities that could complicate surgery, and the donor and recipient's immunological compatibility. Although each transplant centre has its own set of guidelines, the following are common exclusion criteria:

  • diabetes;
  • hypertension that is uncontrolled;
  • adiposity with morbidity
  • a heart or lung condition
  • a cancer history;
  • renal disease in the family; and
  • Proteinuria is a condition in which the kidneys are not performing as well as they should.

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Please help me, my father is scheduled to have a kidney transplant next week. Is there any chance of failure in this procedure? And if yes, then what happens next?

Transplant it is a super major surgery. Any kind of transplant has its complications, and graft rejection is one of them. There are many other complications associated with the kidney transplant therefore transplant needs a multidisciplinary approach and a team of experts to deal with such patients.


Consultant kidney transplant doctors as they will be in a better position to guide you accordingly, because everything depends on patients age, his condition associated comorbidities, the match of the graft and many other factors. Consult a transplant specialist for guidance. Hope our answer helps you.

Answered on 10th June '23

Dr. Babita Goel

Dr. Babita Goel

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