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When it is necessary to do kidney transplant and how long does a kidney transplant patient survive?

Asked anonymously on 9th January, 2020 at 6:51 am

Hello Sir, my grandmother is suffering from kidney disease. I want to ask that when it is necessary to transplant a kidney and how long does a kidney transplant patient survive?


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Dr. Babita Goel

23 years of experience

General Physician

Last edited on 17th Jun 2021 at 10:46 pm

As per my understanding, you are looking for the renal transplant. Renal transplant should not be an issue. But it is a major procedure therefore patient's overall health, associated comorbidities, patient's age, weighing benefits over risk are some of the factors to be considered. You need to have a qualified donor who was selected from donor's list. There is an entire protocol to match with donor. Patient's fitness will be decided by nephrologist and his team. Also lifestyle changes, emotional support, counselling of patient and family to deal with the disease will improve the quality of life. Please consult Nephrologists in Mumbai, or in any other city.

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